There are millions and millions of developers who make a living by developing stuff and selling it in the Google Play Store. There are also millions of developers who upload free stuff just because they feel others might be interested. Regardless of why they do it, there are a lot of countless hours of hard work put into most of these things. The apps, icon packs, games, themes or whatever else that we as users download and install onto our devices day in and day out.

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There are apps that are good, and then there are some that aren’t so good. There are even malicious apps, games and stuff like that in the Google Play Store. However, this post is not about that. It’s about the way Google themselves is handling certain things when it comes to these developers. The latest victim of what I’ll be talking about is a good friend of mine, Roberto Mezquia Jr., or The1dynasty as many of you will know him as.

Roberto has been doing Android development for a long time now and has had his Google Play developers account for around 3 years now and during that time has uploaded somewhere around 60 apps, themes and icon packs to Google Play. He’s had a couple of issues in the past due to naming issues, which he always quickly took care of once he got that automated email from the folks at Google. You know, the one that it seems as if a robot sends out when there’s a copyright issue, legal issue with a name being used or something like that? Developers get them quite often, and it appears they are becoming more and more frequent.

After about 3 years of good standing and never having had his account suspended or anything like that, as of this morning, his account is completely gone. His Google Play developer name is The1Dynasty and you can verify that Google has deleted his account by clicking this link: The1Dynasty Google Play.

Now I know you’re probably saying to yourself that he’s purposely violated terms and conditions or done so repetitively. However, let me explain that’s certainly not the case here. What I’m about to show you is some screenshots that Roberto shared with me as well as a bit of explanation of each one.

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You can see the full content of the email in which Google Play sent to Roberto. These were for 3 different apps of his, and his words to me are below…

First email they sent… These themes were up for literally about 2 years.

Google Play Notice Image 2

Now this email is slightly different. As mentioned above, he did have an issue with the use of a certain name/word that Google Play didn’t like which is totally understandable. However, the point is, Roberto was quick to take care of the issue and removed the app in question so that Google Play would should have no problem and he could carry on like normal.

Second email for removal of the 4th app… This was one of my more popular cm themes and was removed for obvious reasons.
After the first email, I have been working and haven’t had the time to scan through everything and remove things that were in violation… After that last email, I made the time to remove anything that was in violation.

Once Roberto had gone in and taken care of any and all issues, things should be good to go and he shouldn’t have any issues correct? Well, that doesn’t appear to be the case as Google Play decided that even after he obeyed their requests and did everything in his power to make sure he wasn’t in violation, then today arrived and he got the following email.

Google Play Notice Image 3

The first 3 emails they sent had themes with the name “Android” in them. They were removed. The second one had “goog.le” in the package name of the APK and it was removed.
Even after cleaning up these things, the account was still terminated.
Maybe its the number of apps they removed basically flagged my account and then a robot took its time to terminate my account even after I removed any other offending apps. Maybe this decision was finalized after the first email and it just took this long to terminate? IDK the answers to these things.

It’s incredible that Google Play is doing this. With a company as large as they are, Android as big it is, and their pockets slap full of billions of dollars, why is all of this 100% completely automated? Why can’t these developers talk to a human being and interact with someone to help solve these issues in a respectful and timely manner?

Yet Google Play allows all of these malicious apps to be uploaded as well as all sorts of thieves and cheaters who steal other developers work, change the name and call it their own and then sell it and get rich off of it. It’s completely and totally absurd in every way possible. This is the part that really makes me more mad than anything.

You’ve got very deep pockets Google, and you’ve got billions and billions of people using the Android product alone. Having the Google Play Store is obviously very much needed, but surely you can hire the man power to prevent things like this from happening. Can you stop 100% of it? No, you can’t. But what you’re doing is pushing these folks away that have helped you grow and fill your pockets for years and years now. The very same thing happened several months ago to Jeppe Foldager aka BlackBearBlanc.

What it’s going to come down to is that someone, somewhere, somehow is going to come up with an alternative to the Google Play Store so that this ignorance doesn’t keep happening. And then there’s going to be a big huge chunk of money that you won’t be getting any longer. Especially when you’re taking somewhere around 1/3 of the money that the developer sells their products for and putting into your pocket. A bit steep, but hey, we know, you deserve to make money off of the service too.

What it boils down to is Google and Google Play seriously need to get their heads out of their asses and start taking a more professional approach to this kind of thing. There’s no reason for a developer who has been doing this same thing for 3+ years to get banned out of the blue. Especially after receiving the emails, following orders and doing anything and everything within his/her power to make things right.

It would be one thing if the developer ignored those emails. But the developer should be able to reply with something similar to: “I’ve taken care of what I think the issue is, or what you stated the issue was, and I’m curious if there’s other things wrong or if I’m good to go and to make sure there are no further issues at this time.”

Unfortunately for the hard working developer, there’s nothing like this. The emails come from an address you can’t reply to. There’s no phone number they can call or anything else. They rely on trying to get someone to notice on social networks such as Google+ and I’ll tell you now, that doesn’t work either because Google employees just don’t use their own social network for things like this. I know, totally sad that it’s like that and it’s a huge opportunity they are missing out on in my opinion.

What we’d like to ask from all of you reading this is that you share this post as much as possible with your Google+ followers, Twitter followers, those on Reddit or whatever other social networks you frequent. Help get the word out there and let’s stand up and make a change.

If you are in good with or know a Google Play employee, or anyone at Google for that matter, share this link with them personally. Get them to read it and maybe, just maybe, one of them will open their eyes and say, “Hey, you know what, we have an issue that’s on going and we need to see about making it right.”

Website: Google Play Store

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  • The fact that Google enforced it’s Android trademark recently is no new thing. They sent out a warning and removed apps who couldn’t update by their deadline. This is far from “no notification” or “no reason” as you allude to in your clickbait G+ post. Brand guidelines have been around forever:
    Most of your examples seem to allude to this being the problem, devs not heeding warnings, racking up violations and then getting kicked out of the store.

    At what point is it the developer’s obligation not to be on amateur hour? The rest of us devs can pull this off fine.

  • This isn’t quite about that. If you had read the post, and the emails, Google sent emails stating that there was an issue. The developer cleaned up everything, and went as far as removing the apps completely from the Play Store.

    It’s about the fact that the developer removed the apps, yet Google still banned/terminated/suspended the account for no apparent reason.

    As it has been made clear by folks like Derek Ross and others, it’s about the lack of communication and transparency between Google and the developer.

    So the developer did everything he was supposed to do, yet he still gets punished, and you feel that is correct and how it should have been handled?

    I would strongly suggest you read this thread:

    Though I’m pretty sure you’ve already done so, and possibly even left a few comments of your own.

    Also worth noting, is that it wasn’t a trademarking issue with each app. Google had already removed that app/those apps in which it didn’t like having the trademark name in it prior to all of this happening. This is about other issues and Google clearly not having human interaction to help solve issues. Far from click bait as you put it and you knew what the article was about before you clicked on it I’m sure. Nobody forced you to read it, but it’s appreciated that you did. 🙂

    • Our company account got banned for unpublished Apps. They were just sitting there for over a month in an unpublished state, two strikes against our name for two unpublished Apps (first was because of a link) and then ban.

      • gplay gave a strike right after I’ve had removed one of my apps from the console.
        Is that fair? that why I did removed all of my apps from there and join recently

  • We had two apps banned while in beta, a third the other day for what we deemed an incorrect reading if a TOS, and before we could even appeal it, our account was suspended. Very frustrating, especially since we are trying our best to do everything correctly. I think we’re just going to focus on iOS. The exact same apps have been approved over there, and we all know how stringent their approval process is.

    Come on Google, get your act together!

  • This has been a growing concern for some time. Thousands of developers have got their lives ruined because of the fact that once banned its extremely difficult if not impossible to create a new account without Google banning it too.I live in fear these days and will switch to iOS very soon.

  • I got my two accounts suspended now but using different credit cards and VPNs i am running two others. One thing that happened with my latest app suspension is that those apps were suspended as soon as i publish them and they are being played in US by some one in google. i can see sessions through google analytics. My app captures email of google play account used to download the app.
    I assume this is the email of someone at google who tested my app manually and suspended it..
    So you guys can reach him abuse him what ever you want

    • Your app captures email of users’ google play email account?! You deserved the account termination!

  • Sadly I added my primary email address to make myself an admin on my company’s Google Play account. The reason? I didn’t want the inconvenience of having to login with a different identity when I opened the Google Play console tab in my browser. Oh what a mistake. Similarly to this story, the company I work for got three rapid removals because of ” impersonation or deceptive behavior.” What? It’s a white label app company—we create apps for our clients using their identities. Apparently we didn’t respond with enough proof in our appeals because they were flatly rejected. Then boom. All related developer accounts were suspended. This affected me personally, and even apps that had nothing to do with the company I work for were removed. Worse yet, today I went to buy additional storage for Google Drive and couldn’t because my Google Wallet was suspended due to the connection with the Google Play store account. Seriously? I can’t even buy any further Google services? I’ve been an advocate for Google, and long term fan, and I’ve been making my living building and using Google services. To suddenly be treated like a criminal, guilty without a trial, is outrageous. I don’t build malware—I’m an honest developer building apps for our legitimate clients.

    • Same thing happened to me, I uploaded 2 apps one paid version and one demo version, both were similar like icons,logos and google suspended my demo version and I re uploaded again and again. Now my whole life terminated. I don’t know what to do now but, Google should give us choice to pay 25 dollars fee if your account terminated. So that way google can make bit money and it can help other developers. Now im focusing on Wp or ios. Dear Google you SUCK…

    • it’s really sad. I got this feeling when they suspend my account. still don’t know how to recover from this issue. I’m thinking about switching to IOS even though my eye still on Android platform

  • I knew I was not alone! Google has gone beyond ridiculous. At first my apps were suspended, then the whole account. So now what should I do? Worst thing is that they suspend on no real reason. Can a word “girls” be viewed as a trademark (my case)? Or some other generic word or their combinations? What do they expect developers to come up with? Something like “DFDSGFSDF65132132”? Are they even aware of the issues? I know google has some terrible departments, apparently android store is another one.

    • You can make another account, (1). Make a Gmail with another email address, example person in ur family who live in different house mom, dad, sisters or brothers, use theirs computer to make your Gmail address. Make sure when you making a Gmail use theirs information, like a home address, phone number, and other information. (2) after you make a Gmail, signs in google play developer and use theirs information, and pay $25 dollars fee with their credit card, and don’t use your credit card or bank account and add theirs bank account in merchant to get paid. (3). After your google play developer account set up, make sure you don’t upload same apps you have to rebuild it again and don’t sign in google play developer on your computer always use their computer to sign in and transfer your apk file to your usb flash drive or memory card and transfer on their computer to upload it on Google play developer.

      Here more example:

      You can create many account with:
      -different credit card
      -different owner for the credit card
      -different ip address
      -different phone number
      -different alternative email

  • I don’t see why some young brave developer doesnt start developing thier very own app store and make something bigger and better than Play. Make a app store that is about the end user and the developer and not about “A huge corperation like google bossing people around, and for what? Money?”. I think if you build your foundation on the end users and developers you will have the BEST app store ever. Good luck.

  • My GP account was suspended yesterday.
    I didn’t receive any email saying that my account is suspended or terminated. I had one app suspended, but it was suspended even before it got published (e.g. app was accidently published with wrong icon and it was rejected after “Pending Publication”). I can’t get why they do not really reject the app that has issues from the very beginning? If they can detect violation right away why not just say “App was not published cause it violates something”. Why they allow it to be published for a second and suspend it immediately???

    On the other hand if their freaking automated system allows your app to be published – it should meant that the app complies with everything, but NO, it may only mean that your app can be suspended it any time without any warning leaving you without any money for a living.

    How can developers devote their life to develop for google play knowing that they could be ripped off any time…???

    Seems like google wants every dev in the world switch to IOS, and they will surely get it.
    (by the way even Google itself uses apple hardware here and there, confirming once again that it is much better than anything else….)

    • Migrate all of your apps now to appsrefill dot com they do not have that stupid strike system

  • Hi i am developer since 2 year and working hard for play store account. even in day night my sleeping time only 2 or max 4hr. i developer a lot of apps, some of my apps current user are 100k to 500k some of them are 10k to 100k users. google don’t decided when app is slowly downloaded but when app goes to top are heavy download google try to suspend apps or account. when my new app million smile screen lock become top on google play store google sent me email “intellectual impersonation bla bla ” you app is removed from play store. why google don’t take action initially when their is a problem, i created another account after a month i work daily base in one month i uploaded 9 apps last morning i open my play store account message show “your play store account is suspended” i have no any warning before that or suspension in my account, without any reason google suspended my whole account, after that i sent contact form to google no reply no any email from google sent from google side for their reason. google is too good but it lose you developer and user if google act like this.

    make the google play store like apple store it checked complete app,after uploaded it never block or suspend at that version. and have human reply not robotic reply but google totally uses automatically/robotic reply.

    another main issue google say don’t created another account after suspension it is totally wrong because some of developer new with console it don’t know how to work with this like check copyright, or other violation, when he/she know the rule after suspension then google not allowed for another account creation.

    My english is not strong soory for that

  • Folks your are not alone, your are not the only ones suffering fr this gplay thing. You better use gplay alternatives. gplay is just a store, and if your apps are not in compliance with gplay quality policy you are out. gplay doesn’t support develeper, gplay just take your money and you are out months later that’s it. You better must join alternatives like

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