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When Facebook first came on the scene it was actually a breath of fresh air in contrast to Myspace. It was hip, and included some features yet to be experienced. It quickly became used by more than just college kids until everyone and their baby mama’s were on it. I can’t help but feel (despite it being used by so many people) it hasn’t really evolved. In fact, as the years roll by it seems to devolve. Facebook seems to disregard what users want and go with what they think we want.


At this stage in Facebook’s life it has become such a forcible entity. Facebook is installed as a system app on most devices. This means the only way to really get rid of it is to disable it in your app settings. Many services require a Facebook “log in” to use them and if they don’t require it, they will remind you at every turn. Why is this?

If Facebook; according to myself and many others is so terrible, then why is it so popular? Well, it comes down to how many users it has. I am not the first person to say; “so many people use Facebook, because so many people USE Facebook.” While in the beginning people would choose to use Facebook for something fresh and new, it has now become something you “just do.”

Sub-Zero Promotion

Facebook promotion for the average user has become close to impossible without buying ads. Watch the video below by Veritasium On Youtube for a detailed description of what I mean:

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The short version is this: It has been reported that in order for your Facebook posts to be “easily” viewed by your friends, there has to be some sort of interaction on that post (unless you purchase promotion). It wasn’t always this way. I remember having a lot more traffic on my Facebook posts a couple of years ago. So this does hold merit as I have experienced this first hand. Additionally, you can pay for “Likes” on Facebook, through Facebook, but these have been reported as not being genuine likes (or at least likes that come from actual fans).

App Guidelines


Google makes Android design guidelines available for any developer to use on their Android Developers Website. While it is not a requirement, at this point most Android devotees are really looking for it when they install an application (I mean “HoloYolo” right?!). Even if they do not realize it, the average user will enjoy an app more if the app developer uses these guidelines. To this day Facebook has yet to include a proper action bar.

According to Google: “The action bar is one of the most important design elements you can implement.” The Action Bar is a generally persistent bar at the top of your screen, that is the control point for navigating and switching views within the application. In Facebook’s case, some key elements missing are: An action overflow button (three dots at the top right of your screen), View Control option (or sliding tabs), and a Proper Action Button.

If an app is designed correctly, it can make it more fluid and consistent with the rest of the OS. Facebook has yet to grasp this concept. Their application is more of an iOS port than anything else. They have had a VERY long time to get this right. I am sure that more than a handful of Android developers could design a better Facebook app in a fraction of the time it has been available.

Back in the day, it was a little more acceptable to have an Android app not be as good as an iOS app. It was just the way it was back then.

This kind of mentality is no longer acceptable, but Facebook has not yet realized this. Having used their beta app for more than a few months (which can be obtained by joining this Google Group), I can say they are making no headway in designing a better application. As I am writing this I am getting more and more tense just thinking about it.

Forget about design and UI for a moment. Not all apps use Android design guidelines, and that is okay (sort of). Lets talk about the fact that Facebook will hog every possible memory resource it can. You can forget running this app on an older device, as it will suck the life out of it Mortal Kombat style. The Facebook slogan around the office must be “Your RAM is mine.” This isn’t always that big of a deal as devices come so powerful now, but it is still an issue that they say they will resolve…but really, they never do.

Now I am not a developer but I am highly doubting there is a technical reason for all this. A while ago we reviewed a third party Facebook client called Klyph For Facebook that stayed true to design guidelines (even though it looked a lot like Google+). So we know it CAN be done. So I ask you Facebook…why hasn’t it? In addition to having a clunky site, wonky privacy settings, and making it really hard for users to promote their projects, why do you seem to WANT to make a sub-par Android app? Can you just not do it? Do I need to send you 5 developers off the top of my head that can do it? Maybe it is time to clean house Mister CEO, because this app Zucks. (See what I did there?)

Finish Him!

They probably feel they don’t need to do anything because everyone…is still…on…Facebook. This is the pain of all of this. So I am the one that is taking a stand. I am going to stick up for all the Android nuts in the world and I won’t install the Facebook app unless something really major changes. As of a month ago, the app has been disabled in my device and will continue to be. There are a few people in my life I would need to check in with first about disabling my account all together, and once I do that…it is bye-bye Facebook.


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