There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the official website of the affordable care act, There have been questions regarding how the programmers got the job, the budget on the project, and of course, whether it should exist. Up until now, though, the site had been free of hacking from outside of the project. Gets Hacked

Thursday, officials reported that someone had successfully hacked into the software and uploaded/installed malicious software to the website’s servers. No data was stolen, according to the original report, because only a test server was accessed during the hack.

“Data was not transmitted outside the agency, and the website was not specifically targeted,”  Kevin Griffis, a senior adviser at the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement. “We have taken measures to further strengthen security.”

The Department of Homeland Security says that they helped to remove the malicious software from the server and described it as a type of software designed to flood the system with requests until it crashed. According to the Wall Street Journal, who originally broke the story, the hacker planted the software sometime in July and it was discovered on August 25th during routine security checks.

No matter how you feel about the affordable care act, we all hope that the information of those that sign up on sites like this where tons of personal information is housed, will have much better security in the future as Griffis said there will be. In a world of always decreasing privacy, our identities are things that absolutely need to remain ours. Luckily, this time it was only an attempt to crash the site, not to steal information from users.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Does this make you feel uncomfortable if you’re signed up for Tell us all of your thoughts and concerns in the comment section, below.

Source: The Huffiingon Post

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