Why typography is important

The choice of typeface has a big impact on how a particular message is understood by the reader. This is important because it can be used to convey a specific mood or feeling, or make people respond in a certain way.

Let us consider the popular World War II poster – Keep Calm And Carry On. Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939, several months before the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public. Which of the two do you think would convey more authority?


Google Fonts – Our Top Combinations

Move over Typekit and Cufon, Google Fonts are here to stay! With more than 800 font families, Google has certainly made its mark on web typography, and stands as an excellent alternative to premium subscription services.

The only downside is having to sift through the ever-increasing collection. Too much goodness to handle, but we surely don’t want to complain! Without further delay, here’s our list of favorite Google Font combinations for your next web project –


You would usually find Open Sans paired with Oswald. I personally prefer Lato as it seems more refined to me. Together they make a perfect combination for blogs, business websites, portfolios etc.


Yet another unique combination – the simplicity of the typefaces has its own appeal. Easy on the eyes, yet retaining enough authority to stand out from the crowd, the combination seems well suited for magazine websites and news blogs.


I must admit I wasn’t too convinced when I first heard about this combination from a friend of mine. But as they say, you need to try it to believe it. A very refreshing team-up that would look very nice in a fashion technology related website, e-commerce store or personal blog.

Montaga-and-Josefin-Sans If I were ever to have a personal blog, I wouldn’t look beyond Montaga and Josefin Sans for my typography needs. The combination is very relaxed, almost to the point of being informal. Yet it manages to retain the reader’s attention very well – a wonderful quality when used in a personal blog that has a good volume of text content. This-Site You would have surely asked me about this, if it weren’t mentioned. I must confess that I spent hours trying out various combinations, each one so refreshingly different, so unique that it is virtually impossible to stick to one particular family. So which one is this? I leave it for you to find out!

These are but a few of  some wonderful font combinations that you can come up with. Choosing fonts is an arduous task, and if you ever were in a situation where you need to kill time, I would highly recommend this little exercise of trying different fonts.

Unfortunately, I had to limit myself to 5 combinations, else this post would never have reached a conclusion. But now that it has, I would love to know some of your own favorite google font combinations in the comments below!

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