Whether you like it or not, “Selfies” are a thing and they are not going anywhere. While most people would like selfies to go away, the California DMV does not. If you live in California, you may have noticed a letter in the mail (If you haven’t gotten it, don’t worry – you will) announcing that changes are going to be made to the renewal process for a California Driver License. Last night the Governor of California Jerry Brown, announced that in order to renew a California Driver License, a selfie must be submitted to the DMV.

In case you thought you read that wrong….yes….in order to renew your California Driver License, you must a take a selfie and email it to the DMV’s secure inbox. I know this may seem hard to swallow, I know that by now you have probably left to go find other news like Apple’s acquisition of Beats By Dre. Just in case you are still here, you will want to know that this policy will come into effect in the beginning of 2016.

Why Selfies?

The DMV doesn’t have the best image and they know this. Going to the DMV is mostly a painful experience. In fact I would rather get a prostate exam from Justin Bieber while he tells me why his life is so hard. The DMV needed to get with the times and make some changes, so they implemented a new policy for renewing a California Driver License that they feel will get people more excited about interacting with the DMV. Gov. Jerry Brown states, “We want people to be proud when they show their California Driver License to others.”  The California DMV wants to be on the cutting edge of pop culture and technology. I guess they feel selfies are they way to go – I mean, makes sense right?……RIGHT!?

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The Process

Our sources at the DMV have stated that the process should be quick and pain free, which is something people are not used to. Starting on January 13th 2016, people that have a California Driver License that needs to be renewed, will be sent a letter in the mail giving them the date that a selfie needs to be submitted by. Knowing that most people have smartphones, the DMV will require us to take our best selfie and email it to the DMV. The submitted selfie will be used for our new California Driver License. There is no word on a companion app to make the process easier.

Our sources state that the selfie can be taken at any angle, as long as both of our eyes are being shown. The selfie can be taken by any smartphone on the market today. Citizens that have a California Driver License and don’t have a smartphone with a front facing camera, will receive a refurbished iPhone 4 to take the selfie and send to the inbox. Once the process is complete you would send the device back to the DMV.  Unfortunately in classic DMV style, return packaging will not be provided…that will be up to us.

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Final Thoughts

While I don’t quite understand trying to make a California Driver License more hip, I am actually looking forward to not having to go to the DMV to take my photo. I am also looking forward to my license photo not looking like an ex-con. This may be a big bonus for HTC One M8 users, as that 5MP front facing camera will come in handy. I for one will be sitting in my room for hours storing selfies in my cloud, waiting for the moment I get that letter in the mail.

This article is for your entertainment. It is written from a strictly fictitious standpoint and should not be considered as factual news.
Website: California Driver License Information

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