Does everyone have a social network profile these days? I think it is safe to say that the majority of people out there have a Facebook account. I think that it is also safe to say that a lot of people have a Twitter and Instagram account. According to an Infographic from Leverage, Facebook tops the active user charts at 1 billion users and an interesting statistic – Google+ has 400 million active users.

Sorry TechCrunch, but Google+ is not “Walking Dead”. Googles social platform is the third most used social site behind Twitter. If Google can do this, why not Apple?

Well the times they are a’ changin’ because Apple has a social network slated to release at the same time as the iPhone 6; Apple is calling this network: “iSeeYou.”

Apple Social

Apple Branches Out

There have been reports that Apple has been dipping into new products lately. But we were absolutely blindsided by the news of iSeeYou. We have been able to be a part of the first beta released to a select few. Apple has implemented a lot of great features already, but the main feature that they are touting is “iPeep”.

Using iPeep, you will be able to remotely open the camera of whatever device another user is currently on. You will be able to see and hear exactly what they are doing for 30 seconds. Think of it as a longer much more interactive Snapchat – where YOU can be the one to activate the ability to see the other person…whether they want it or not.

Apple has stated that there are no privacy policies being broken because this feature can only be used on iOS and only when a user accepts the Terms and Conditions presented before the application is activated. We find that everyone reads every word of the Terms and Conditions, so we are happy that Apple has made it safe and secure.

What Does This Mean For All Users?

What does this mean for other users that don’t have any Apple products? Certainly Apple can’t expect a social networking website to explode on the scene if it is only exclusive to Apple users. Our sources claim that the ability to “iPeep” will be implemented on other devices like Android and Windows Phone by way of flashing a custom iOS ROM. Theoretically, a user with an HTC One, will be running iOS and can iPeep just like any other iPhone or Macbook user. This is a good thing, as we were really worried that this fantastic feature would have limited availability.

Think about how fun it will be to really feel like you’re in the room with a friend while they sleep, shower, and have their movements. It is innovation that only Apple can provide. There has been talk of Cyanogen Inc. being part of the ROM creation process. Although it is highly unlikely, as Apple would pay Cyanogen large sums of money. Cyanogen Inc. isn’t interested in the money making aspect of development.

iSeeYou Day To Day Usage

While our sources only reveled a taste of iSeeYou to us at the Genius Bar in Hoboken New Jersey – they also revealed an outline of what to expect from day to day use. Friends on iSeeYou are called “AFF’s” (Apple Friends Forever). When someone posts a status update, this is called an “Epiphany.”  When a user likes an Epiphany, this is called a “Breakthrough.” Instant messaging will of course be handled by iMessage.

It is important to mention that iSeeYou will keep a log of everything you post and store it on your iCloud. So if years later you need to reference an Epiphany you had, you will be able to search within your cloud. There is unlimited storage in your iCloud for iSeeyou logs, so no need to worry about storage limitations for your selfies.

Final Thoughts

All of this is pretty big news. We don’t quite know what to think of it yet. On one hand, it is always great when there are social options provided for people to be a part of. On the other hand…can we have too many? Could this also be Apple’s attempt to capitalize on the departure of Vic Gundotra from Google? We think iPhone users will most likely be a big part of iSeeYou and it might take some doing for Android and Windows users to flash their custom Apple iOS ROM to enable use of the site. Stay connected with us while we continue to release more and more new information about iSeeYou.

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This article is for your entertainment. It is written from a strictly fictitious standpoint and should not be considered as factual news.

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