If you’re looking at getting into and learning how to do some Android programming, then I might just have something for you this time around. In the form of a couple of books that were sent to me from Pearson North America. The first book is titled: Android For Programmers, An App-Driven Approach and the second book is titled: Apache Cordova API Cookbook.

Apache Cordova API Cookbook

Topics Include:

  • Accelerometer, compass and geolocation
  • Image, video, and audio capture, playback, and management
  • Determining connection and device information
  • Interacting with contacts
  • Responding to application events
  • Using the device file system
  • Globalizing apps
  • Using the InAppBrowser
  • Notifications
  • Custom splash screens
Using Apache Cordova, mobile developers can write cross-platform mobile apps using standard HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and then deploy those apps to every leading mobile platform with little or no re-coding. Apache Cordova API Cookbook provides experienced mobile developers with details about how each Cordova API works and how to use the APIs in their own applications. Coverage is included for all Cordova/PhoneGap 3 APIs.
Instead of just showing short snippets of code to explain a particular piece of programming, this guide has plenty of complete examples. You’ll find more than thirty complete Cordova applications that work on Android, iOS, Windows, and more. The sample applications demonstrate exactly what each API does and how it works, while the chapter content describes the limitations on the leading target platforms (and even offers possible workarounds).

Apache Cordova API Cookbook

While I’m no programmer or a coder of any type, I can tell you this book has some great information in it. As well as the fact that it’s relatively easy to learn from due to the fact that it doesn’t just give you some line(s) of code, tell you to use it, tell you what it does and then go on to the next section. It shows you exactly what the code does and explains it in full detail, which is the way I am able to learn.

If you want to purchase a physical copy of the book, it will cost you between $25 – $30. Or you can purchase an e-book version for around $15 – $17. Personally, I prefer the physical copy that I can put on a shelf somewhere and open it up whenever I need something.

Product: Apache Cordova API Cookbook

Android For Programmers: An App-Driven Approach

Topics Include:

  • Welcome App
  • Cannon Game
  • Tip Calculator
  • Doodlz
  • Twitter Searches
  • Address Book
  • Flag Quiz
This book presents leading-edge computing technologies for professional software developers. At the heart of the book is the Deitel “app-driven approach”–concepts are presented in the context of complete working Android apps, rather than using code snippets. The introduction and app test drives at the beginning of each chapter show one or more sample executions.
The apps in this book were carefully designed to introduce you to key Android features and APIs. You’ll quickly learn everything you need to start building Android apps–beginning with a testdrive of the Doodlz app in Chapter 1, then building your first app in Chapter 2. By the time you reach Chapter 9, you’ll be ready to create your own apps for submission to Google Play and other app marketplaces. You’ll master the Google Play submission process, including uploading your apps, deciding whether to sell your apps or offer them for free, and marketing them using in-app advertising, social media, Internet public relations and more.

Android Programming Book

This book has by far been my favorite of the two I received from Brad Yale at Pearson. I feel this is more of a beginners type book, and that’s what I need due to the fact as I stated above that I’m no coder or programmer. This book breaks it all down, step by step, line by line and fully explains everything in great details. It’s very informative and it almost feels like someone is sitting right next to me teaching me these things.

You can pick up the Android For Programmers book in physical form for about $35.99 or you can buy the e-book version for $28.79. If you want both versions, then you can get them in a bundle package at a price of $48.59. So the choice is up to you. Regardless of what you choose, this book will prove very valuable if you decide you want to get into Android programming and really want to learn some good stuff.

Product: Android Programming: An App-Driven Approach

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