If you’re a gadget lover in 2015, a good external battery is a pretty important addition to your device lineup. If you are an Ingress-playing, phablet-toting Glass Explorer, a high quality, high mAh external power source is an absolute necessity. Back in my Nexus 5 days, my trusty RAVPower Luster was usually (though not always) sufficient to get me through the day. After upgrading to the Nexus 6, I decided it was time to find a battery with a bit more capacity. And, as luck would have it, the folks at uNu offered to send me their latest: say hello to the Ultrapak Tour.

Ultrapak Tour

The Ultrapak Tour is a solid, stylish 10,000 mAh behemoth with a few unique features that really help it to stand out among its battery brethren. In a device category where it’s pretty hard to offer anything too incredibly different from one product to the next, the Ultrapak Tour brings with it two features in particular that make it an excellent choice for your next external battery upgrade.

The first of these is a display on the front that provides info on the state of the device. Whereas most external batteries offer pretty poor indicators of such (usually just four LEDs showing only a vague indication of the remaining juice), the Ultrapak Tour lets you know exactly what’s going on, thanks to a digital display showing not only the precise charge level, but also the estimated time to full while it is charging. Very cool, and very helpful.

The second, and more important, of the Ultrapak Tour’s innovations comes in the form of its fast charging (and I mean seriously fast) capability. Utilizing a technology called Ultra-X, this thing can be fully charged and ready to go in an amount of time that puts other 10,000 mAh batteries to shame. uNu claims that you can get 2,000 mAh’s of charge into the Ultrapak Tour in only 15 minutes.

Even if it just came somewhat remotely close to achieving this feat, the Ultrapak Tour would be seriously impressive. But, believe it or not, in my testing, the device actually tended to surpass this claim. After a test of a 30 minute charge time, the Tour went from 41% up to 89%. That comes out to approximately 4,800 mAh’s of portable power available in just a half-hour. Wow. It is worth noting, however, that the Tour achieves these results using a proprietary charging cable, rather than the standard micro USB used by most.

Of course, this is not to say that the UltraPak Tour is perfect. All of this fantastic tech inside does come with one notable drawback: this thing is big. Like, really big. Offering less than double the capacity of the RAVPower Luster, at 5.36 x 2.78 x 0.69 inches, it comes in at nearly four times the physical size. Is it too big to carry around? For me, no. It fits fairly comfortably in my pockets, but if you’re a fan of tight jeans with small pockets, and don’t carry around any sort of bag for your tech, the Tour’s size is definitely worth noting.

Ultrapak Tour Ports

Every other aspect of the device is top-notch, from its rubberized sides to help prevent dropping, to its dual 1A and 2.1A ports, allowing you to charge, say, your phone and your tablet at the same time. Also included, as with many external batteries, is an LED flashlight, always a welcome addition.

All in all, the Ultrapak Tour is an excellent device that looks great and performs wonderfully. Although a little pricier than most (you can get it for $99.99 on Amazon), the awesome features of the Tour certainly justify the price. If you don’t mind the rather large size, then this is probably the external battery for you.

Website: uNu Ultrapak Tour
Twitter: uNu Ultrapak Tour

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