At first glance, this speaker looks like it is ready for a day at the park, beach, poolside, or really just about anywhere. And it holds up well under all those conditions, plus some. The speaker looks like an old boombox, complete with easy grip handles. These rubberized handles help you hold onto the Eco XGear under wet conditions. Plus it gives it a nice, rugged, look.

Just picking up this speaker, you can feel the quality. The backside houses all the connectors, covered by a watertight protective plate. word of advice, tether the plate to the hook so you don’t lose it.

Eco XGear Bluetooth Speaker

But Both speakers are fairly close together, so the stereo sounds are not as distinguished as they really just blend together for a uniform sound.

For starters, this is a bluetooth speaker, so pairing it to your device is simple. Press the pairing button, find it in you “available devices”, and you are off. The speaker holds The last paired device in memory so you can use this without having to re-pair your device.

So, How About Sound?

Well, the Eco XGear is intended for outdoor use, and while loud enough for quieter scenarios like a park, or pool, it can be difficult to hear over the sounds at the beach. It will get loud, but it never had the punch to cut through traffic or kids playing – just enough to hear over everything else.

But other than the loudest outdoor places, this has plenty of punch to get your music to the masses. And being waterproof means you can enjoy this in the pool… yes, IN the pool.

Eco XGear Bluetooth Speaker

The Eco XGear does float, but you might have to manipulate it to hear it. If the speakers are in the water, or the BT receiver is underwater you will not hear it. So it probably isn’t the best to throw this in the middle of the pool with a bunch of kids. But leaving this on your pool’s ledge is perfect. And waterproof means you can hear it in the shower, too. It’s nice not to have to blare your music in your bathroom just to hear it. Place it in the shower with you, and enjoy. and it does float, so if it does fall off your raft in the lake it isn’t gone forever.

Audiophiles might not have a lot to be excited here, as this isn’t the BEST sounding speaker. You can hear highs lows and mids just fine, but nobody is going to confuse this for a high end experience. You are making sacrifices to get this speaker at this price point. But I can forgive some of the punch here as you are getting so much more for what you sacrifice.

Don’t get me wrong, these sound great! But they are not the super, ultra-clear, high definition sound machines. They’re simply high quality speakers with great sound at a reasonable price.

Eco XGear Bluetooth Speaker

Features I Wish It Had

I do wish the Eco XGear had a few more features, mostly a way to control the music. There are volume buttons, but no way to skip tracks, or play pause. If I am in the pool, I do NOT want to grab my phone to change tracks. It’s a small thing, but having that ability would greatly improve my experience with these speakers.

Something else that would be great is NFC. This would simplify pairing, plus you could attach tasks to get the party started quickly. I have accomplished this by adding my own tag. But these things are CHEAP now, so putting that INTO the product wouldn’t be that difficult. This speaker does have the ability to answer calls, but in almost every situation I was in, the other party couldn’t hear me well. Not because of poor connections, but because of the environment I was in. It is hard to get everyone to be quiet at the pool or beach so you can take this call.

Eco XGear Bluetooth Speaker

Battery Backup

The Eco XGear speakers are rechargeable, which means you don’t have to keep your waterproof stuff plugged into a wall while you are in the water. And the charge lasts forever – for days at a stretch. Total runtime is about 12 hours for me (even though their website says 10), so unless you are out and about constantly playing music this should be plenty of charge to get you through the whole day without having to stop and find an outlet.

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