Choosing a Bluetooth headset is not always the easiest choice to make. Many factors will come into play when you are in the store or online taking a look at headsets in your price range. A lot of users just want a headset for when they are in the car so they don’t get pulled over by the police for using their cell phone. Some users would like to use their headset for making ALL calls, no matter the setting. Whatever reason you are shopping for a new Bluetooth headset, we suggest you take a look at the killer Plantronics M55. The M55 is a mid-range Bluetooth headset that will fit most of your needs and wants.

Plantronics M55 Battery

The Plantronics M55 is a versatile and attractive Bluetooth headset that has a talk time of 11 hours – Yeah….11 hours! The battery life is definitely the standout feature on this product. You won’t have to worry about charging the headset often, which is a good thing if you are one that makes a lot of calls and are used to a 6 or even 7 hour talk time. We have used the Plantronics Marque 2 and the extra 4 hours of talk time is a noticeable difference. In addition to the lengthy talk time, the M55 has a standby time of 16 days and standby mode of 150 days. The Plantronics M55 charges using a micro-USB charger, and does not take long to charge, even when battery is fully depleted.

Plantronics M55 Call Quality

Do you ever use a Bluetooth headset and the person on the other end states that they are having an issue with hearing you clearly? Well that will happen from time to time with the the M55, but not often. In fact, we have only run into this issue when it is severely loud or windy out. You’ll be hard pressed to find a lot of Bluetooth headsets that won’t have this issue at this price-point. When it comes down to call quality, nothing beats a wired headset. However, the technology has come a long way and in most instances you will not have an issue with quality on either end.

Overall the Plantronics M55 has slightly better call quality on the receivers end than the Marque 2. Calls sound clear and loud enough to hear while driving with the window down, but on the other end the person you are speaking with may have an issue hearing you – So roll those windows up. Streaming audio is surprisingly loud and crisp. You wont get the same quality as you get from stereo headphones but for casual listening it is more than good enough.

Plantronics M55 Design

Plantronics M55 DesignThe design of the Plantronics M55 is actually very discrete and stylish. You’ll find a black matte finish on it’s belly and a glossy black on top. On top (or bottom depending on the ear you have it in) has a flat volume rocker and underneath a sliding power switch.

The clear earpiece is crafted specifically to fit in the ear without the need to go over the ear. When placed inside the ear (depending on how big or small your ears are) it will stay put without worry of falling out or wiggle movements. Designing the device this way makes it very easy to quickly switch ears if need be.

Unlike the Marque 2, the call button is fused into the front of the headset. Pressing down on the phone symbol will answer and end calls. This button is a bit sensitive and you will find your-self accidentally hitting it from time to time – this generally happens when you place the headset in your ear. So be careful you barbarian.

Plantronics M55 Features

As far as features go, the Plantronics M55 does have A2DP profile support – so you will be able to stream media content without worry. We have been successfully listening to SiriusXM radio and  Youtube videos using the M55. Like we said earlier, you wont get stereo headphone quality, but for casual listening, it is very convenient. Pressing the call button will grant you access to other features of the M55. When connected tapping the call button twice will re-dial the last person you called. Tapping once while receiving a call will answer – tapping once while on a call will end the call. Holding down the call button will activate voice-dialing features.

When the Plantronics M55 is away from a device for longer than 90 minutes, it will hibernate into a mode called DeepSleep®. The purpose of this mode is to extend the headset’s battery life – producing battery readiness for 5 months. The M55 will also work with Google services such as Google Search and Google Maps.

Plantronics M55 TeD

Plantronics M55 Final Thoughts

The Plantronics M55 is a fully capable and affordable Bluetooth headset with long battery life that will please most budget minded people. Plantronics in general designs high quality headsets that look great in the ear. You could fork over more dough for a headset with better call quality, but this headset is a solid choice for the money. If Bluetooth headsets aren’t your thing, check out our look at a rugged Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere.

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