Nooie is still a very new brand that’s trying to make a name for itself in a huge market of products such as smart video doorbells. With Arlo, Nest, Ring and many others, it’s a tough thing to achieve, but if the first release of their Nooie Smart Video Doorbell is any indications of how they are doing, then let me tell you they are well on their way to success.

Features And Specifications


  • Weatherproof (rated IP65)
  • Night vision up to 49 ft
  • PIR Motion Detection with human detection
  • 10,000 mAh battery


  • Resolution: 2K HDR
  • Connectivity: Dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz)
  • App Compatibility: Yes
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Internal or External: External
  • Power Source: 10,000mAh battery
  • Axis Control: N/A
  • Smart Assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Weather rating: -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: 6.6″ H x 2.4″ W x 1.7″ D
  • Price: $149.99


From a design angle, Nooie has broken from the standard whites, black, and metallic hue focus of other doorbell cams. The speckled beige coloration provides a warm neutral option for those looking for an alternate color option from the norm.

The Nooie cam doorbell measures 6.7 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches but weighs only 1.94 pounds, so it feels extremely light in your hand. When either installing or removing the doorbell cam on its mount, the body’s dimensions also allow for an easy grip.

With an above-average size, it serves as a great visual deterrent since it’s easy to spot at a distance. In practice, the doorbell button is also a good size, so there’s no issue giving it a press regardless of how big your hands are. The speaker at the bottom of the doorbell cam isn’t the loudest, but it’s clear enough to communicate from.

The included chime is covered in a matching mesh fabric (similar to what the Nest Audio speaker is wrapped with) and it can be plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. (Quick tip from me to you: Due to the size of the chime, plug it into the bottom socket to ensure you still have access to the top socket.)

Battery Life

The Arlo Essential Wire-Free Doorbell only stays charged for up to six months at a time, but Nooie’s battery-powered doorbell camera claims to stay powered for up to 10 months. It comes with a 10,000mAh rechargeable battery (just make sure to give it a full charge using the included USB-C cable before installing the doorbell). The entire camera does have to come down to recharge the battery, which is kind of a pain, but you can easily pop it back on to give the appearance it’s recording even if it’s not.

Nooie’s battery life is impressive, especially since most wireless Ring doorbells have a battery life of 6-12 months per charge. The less time you have to spend charging your smart doorbell, the more time it has to watch over your home. While a wired doorbell is the only way to ensure continuous power, a battery-powered doorbell like Nooie’s gives you the option to place it anywhere on the exterior of your home.

Compatible With Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant

You can use smart assistants like Alexa and Google to control and manage your Nooie doorbell, though Apple’s Siri isn’t compatible. My favorite way to use assistants is to pair it with a smart display like Google’s Nest Hub Max, which allows you to pull up a live stream of the camera if you ask. Alexa and Google-enabled smart speakers can also make announcements when someone presses the doorbell.

Mounting The Nooie Smart Doorbell Cam

To help get your doorbell cam up and positioned perfectly, Nooie included two wall mounts (one flat and one angled fifteen-degree mount), screws (two concrete and two wood screws), and four anchors. The included mount foam sticker also makes it incredibly easy to visualize your placement prior to installation.

After installing your choice mount, attaching the doorbell is a simple matter. With the flat wall mount, I had no issue placing the doorbell cam. However, the fifteen-degree wall mount had a top locking mechanism that would stick.

While this was relatively minor and solved by feel, the added jostling of the device to properly lock and also remove the doorbell proved irksome.

To remove the doorbell, there’s a small hole at the bottom of each mount that requires you to insert a small included pin. This releases the lock and allows you to safely remove the doorbell cam.

Setting Up The Nooie Doorbell Cam Via The App

You’ll need to go through a couple of steps to gain access to the Nooie Cam so you can monitor things. It’s pretty simple such as connecting it to a Wi-Fi connection within your home. This is where I had my first and only issue.

I originally wanted to set this up with my Android device(Pixel 5), as that’s the device I use most often. I installed the Nooie app, went through the process of connecting to my Wi-Fi so that the app could see the device itself. This worked without any issues.

I realized I connected it to the wrong Wi-Fi in my house, as I have two different ones, so I unpaired it decided to connect it to the other one. When I did this, this is where I ran into problems with Android not seeing the Nooie HotSpot as a connection I could connect to. To make a long story short, I rebooted several times, played around in Wi-Fi settings and did a couple of other things and no matter what I did, the Nooie HotSpot just wouldn’t show up to save my life.

I decided to switch over to my iPhone 12 Pro and do the setup process there. This went just as smooth in the beginning so I decided, let’s change Wi-Fi connections just like I did on my Android and see if the same issue occurs here on iOS.

Again, I went through the process and when I got to the part where the Nooie HotSpot should appear within my phones Wi-Fi section, voila, it was there. To make sure this wasn’t a fluke of any sorts, I did it several times and it worked every time on iOS.

Even going back today, some 3 weeks later, I still can’t get it to show on my Android device(s), as I’ve sense tried several others. I’m not sure if this is something that Nooie is aware of, if it’s something I was doing wrong or if it’s something weird with my network, though I don’t feel it’s on the end of my network. Hopefully this is something Nooie will read and look into

When you’re ready to check in on your doorbell, the Nooie app makes it easy to manage the experience. Once you’ve selected your doorbell from the camera list and checked its current connection strength, you can either go live or view recordings from the timeline.

From the live view, you can toggle between 2K and HD video depending on your connection. While also in live view, you can record video, take a photo, set off the alarm, speak via your device’s mic, and mute the live feed. If you tap the view playback option beneath the icons, you can view prior recordings by date either in a timeline or list view.

If you do run into issues here, these typically are a result of your network strength. These present in the form of a laggy live feed, recordings not playing always, and the rare loss of connection with the doorbell itself. With a faster connection speed, the app works fluidly.

Responding With The Nooie App

When someone presses your doorbell, the Nooie app will cut to a live call screen with a preview of what the doorbell cam sees. From here, you can answer for two-way talk, end the alert, or respond with a pre-programmed quick response or use a custom one that you’ve recorded for yourself. If you want to change your current custom quick responses, it’s as simple as tapping the respective slot and recording over them. Nooie makes this so simple and easy and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

In practice, the quick response can be immensely helpful if you don’t have time to chat. The only unfortunate element is the name character limit for the custom responses is fairly short, so you can’t go as detailed as the default messages.

Detection Options And Notifications

Besides the basic doorbell press, the detection elements on Nooie’s doorbell cam allow you to both adjust your battery life as well as any related notifications. The PIR (passive infrared) motion detection works at a default sensitivity of ten feet, but you can adjust it to either three feet or up to twenty feet to tweak your notification frequency. Human-shape detection is activated by default, so you won’t have to worry about any simple motion triggering an alert.

During testing, I didn’t run into false alerts, but the option to set your detection zone makes it even easier to save battery if you really want to narrow your view. To maximize your battery life, there’s also the option to disable the use of PIR motion detection. I strongly suggest you change these settings from the defaults, or you will get a ton of alerts if you have any kind of active areas outside your house.

Cloud Storage Or Local Storage

One of the high points of the Nooie experience is paying for its cloud service remains completely optional. If you’re after continuous recording and want to replay events from your video history, you can choose between Nooie’s assorted plans. You either pay monthly or yearly while opting to either save videos for up to seven or thirty days before they’re deleted automatically.

The service is backed by Amazon Web Service, and you can cancel at any time. If you pay for one month with seven days of video playback, it will cost you one dollar as their cheapest option.

If you need Nooie to capture every single possible moment, or you’re especially worried about porch theft, then it doesn’t cost much to try. In testing, local storage sufficed for my rural area with its set recording at intervals and overall sensitivity to any human detection. However, in a more populated or busy space, it’s easy to see where 24/7 recording can appeal more.

Final Thoughts

This was my first video doorbell experience and I have to admit right off the bat that Nooie made it beyond amazing in every sense of the way. Yes, I ran into a slight problem when trying to set things up using my Android device, though like I said, that could easily have been something on my end of things. Luckily I had an iOS device to try and that worked flawlessly.

For $149.99, I personally say the Nooie Cam Doorbell is well worth it. Easy to setup and get working, easy to install, has amazing battery life as well as a crystal clear image. You can purchase directly from Nooie’s website, or you can purchase it through Amazon.

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