Healthy eating isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I know that I’ve struggled with this for a long time and continue to struggle even today. A big problem with this is portion control. Even if you are trying to use good judgement it isn’t always easy to portion out the correct amount. A digital scale is a great tool to help in your journey to a healthier you.

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The Dunli Digital Scale with Bowl makes it really easy to portion out the correct serving size of any food item. I’ve had digital scales in the past and they have all been flat scales. I think I like this one so much more because it is already a bowl shape. The food I’m trying to weigh stays better in the bowl and it is a lot more convenient than the traditional scale.

The scale runs on two AAA batteries. No small(and potentially dangerous to your little ones) button batteries to worry about. It has a digital display that is very easy to read and features an automatic shut off. I love using mine for snacks and other things that aren’t easily portioned like popcorn. This scale is also perfect for weighing out ingredients for precise cooking or baking. You can find it on Amazon and it comes in blue or green.

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This scale happens to be very accurate as I took several items that were pre-weighed and placed them on the scale and it displayed the correct weight all the way down to the ounce. I’ve had problems with other scales, those that are just a flat surface, not displaying the correct weight especially if the food product isn’t directly centered on the scale. The Dunli Digital Scale doesn’t have that problem and therefore it’s become my go to digital scale of preference at this point.

Another good thing to mention is that the price for the Dunli Digital Scale is very affordable at only $25.99 and comes in a choice of a light blue or a slightly bright green color. I was sent the green colored one and I can say I absolutely love this thing. While I use a good amount, my dad uses it even more than I do as he is always cooking new and different things.

Dunli Digital Scale


Design And Form Factor











  • Very Accurate
  • Light Weight
  • Very Portable


  • Could Be A Bit Larger In Size

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