My awesome friends over at Lenovo have been very good to me lately. I’ve gotten to review a few devices here lately such as the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD Plus and the Lenovo Tab A8 tablet and those two have been superb. Now the latest product they have sent me to review, is slightly larger, slightly more expensive and something I am highly interested in. It’s the new Lenovo A740 27-Inch All-In-One Desktop Computer system.

Let’s first take a look at the specs of the Lenovo A740 and then I will break it all down and tell you what’s good, what might not be so good about it and all of that information that you need to know to decide if this is something you’re interested in.


  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel® Core® i7-4558U (2.80GHz 1600MHz 4MB)
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-Bit
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT840A GDDR5 2GB
  • Memory: 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L 1600 MHz (1x SO-DIMM)
  • Storage: 1TB (5400 RPM) + 8GB SSHD
  • Display: 27″ FHD (1920×1080) all-in-one with multi-touch technology
  • Webcam: 2MP 1080p
  • Optical Drive: None
  • Audio: JBL® stereo speakers (5Wx2) with Dolby® Home Theater®
  • Connectors: NFC, WiFi 802.11ac or WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 4x USB 3.0, HDMI-in, 6-in-1 card reader, mic, headphone
  • Dimensions: 31.9″(W) x 22.0″(D) x 8.5″(H)
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs.

First Initial Thoughts And Impressions

Humongous! Once I got the box opened and pulled the Lenovo A740 from within it and sat it on the desk, I was in awe. Sure, I’ve seen 27 inch monitors before, but when you use 19 inch monitors all day, every day, anything this large seems gigantic.

The first thing I did notice was that it was considerably lighter than I had expected it to be, especially considering its size. It was absolutely no problem at all picking it up out of the box with a single hand. The monitor has some weight to it, but with technology the way it is today it’s still amazing to me how something the size of the Lenovo A740 can actually weigh so little.

Lenovo A740 27-Inch All-In-One Desktop Computer Image 5

After getting the monitor and PC itself into place, I then had to pull out all of the accessories, such as the mouse and the keyboard. One thing I really like is that the mouse and keyboard are USB and it comes with a USB adapter that you plug into the PC itself, and it automatically connects both devices. So much easier and better than taking up a port for each separate device.

Once I got all of the small stuff setup, it was time to power the beast on and see what it was all about. Please note that I’ve not used or run Windows of any kind in a lot of years up until recently with the Microsoft Surface Pro I managed to get my hands on. So this whole Windows 8.1 stuff is still all kind of new to me and I feel as if I’m in a totally different world using that operating system.

Widely Adjustable Viewing Angle

The Lenovo A740’s smartly designed display mount allows you to adjust it across a huge range — from -5 degrees to 90 degrees. That means you can watch it in a vertical position like a PC or television, slope it gently for relaxed touchscreen use, or slide it into a full horizontal position to play two-person touch games.Lenovo Website

This is probably the coolest feature I’ve seen in a desktop computer. The Lenovo A740 will stand up on a desk like any other PC and monitor will but it will also fold all the way down to where it can literally be used as if it were a tablet. A 27 inch tablet, with a bit of weight, but still like a tablet none the less.

Stylish, Ultraslim Design

The Lenovo A740 doesn’t just work well — it looks great too. The stylish, superslim touchscreen tapers to a mere 0.15″ at its thinnest point, while a full aluminum shell surrounds the A740’s frameless display.Lenovo Website

As stated earlier, the Lenovo A740 is very large in size, but it’s not bulky large and certainly doesn’t weigh as much as you would expect it to weigh. The monitor is super thin but yet has a very decent display to it. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 by can be changed to where it’s 2560 x 1440 which is absolutely amazing to look at on a display the size of this Lenovo A740.

Easy File Transfer

Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology makes it easy to wirelessly connect across other NFC-enabled devices — then easily share photos, movies, music, and documents directly by WiFi, with no additional software needed.Lenovo Website

This is a feature I certainly took advantage of when reviewing the Lenovo A740 AIO desktop PC. Since I have a phone that has NFC, the 2nd generation Motorola Moto X, I could easily enable the NFC on the Lenovo A740 and then quickly and easily transfer files from my phone to the computer, or vice versa. For me where this would really come in handy is for all the pictures I take. While I do manage to store them in the cloud in such places as Dropbox or Google Drive, I do like to have them on my PC as well for various reasons.

Integrated Webcam

The A740’s integrated 1080p HD webcam and dual-array microphones for improved audio will help you enjoy web conferences or online video chats like you’re really there.Lenovo Website

I tested the webcam several times with my girlfriend via Google Hangouts just to see how the quality was. Since I have a Logitech webcam for my personal every day computer and it only does 720p, I can say that the one on the Lenovo A740 was crystal clear and very sharp. The colors were really what won me over. It truly felt as if her and I were together in the same room, in person, as the colors were just that real. Not saying they aren’t on my Logitech, but the A740 was certainly better and noticeably clearer and sharper as well as more vivid and bright.

Another really cool feature with regards to the integrated webcam was the motion control capabilities it has. You can set it to where you can flip through web pages and such just by waving your hands in front of the webcam. You can also raise and lower the volume of the computer as well as skip forward and backwards within the track of a song. Very neat little feature and takes next to no time to get this neat little feature working.

AccuType Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Featuring a modern look and feel, the AccuType wireless keyboard has island-style, ergonomic keys that allow a more fluid, spacious, comfortable and accurate typing experience than standard keyboard designs. With optical mouse pairing, you’ll enjoy all-round precision navigation.Lenovo Website

Usually when you get a keyboard and/or mouse with a computer, they are pretty cheap in most every way possible. With the Lenovo A740, that’s not necessarily the case. However, the mouse, looks kind of cheap, or maybe weird/strange, and has no weight to it at all so it feels cheap. But that’s where the cheapness stops. It’s a very sensitive mouse yet not over sensitive when using it.

The keyboard is really nice. Again, while I own a Logitech keyboard, the one that came with the Lenovo A740 is actually something I’d use on a regular basis. Typing on it seems very natural and doesn’t hurt your hands, fingers or wrists. And as mentioned early on, both the mouse and keyboard are USB and come with a dongle that plugs into just one of your USB ports to allow you to connect both devices without any hassle.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Enables up to ten times faster file transfer, allowing for lightning-fast copying of large media files, as well as seamless connections between audio- and video-related peripherals. Backward-compatible with USB 2.0 devices.Lenovo Website

This is something else that’s huge for me because I have a lot of various devices laying around that I like to transfer files to and from via the PC. My current desktop PC, which is a Core 2 Duo machine, only has USB 2.0 ports on it. Transferring of files, especially large sets of image files, can be painful. With USB 3.0 that has changed as the speeds via USB 3.0 compared to USB 2.0 are astronomical.

To make it even better, the Lenovo A740 comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports. This will allow you to hook up several devices at one time and whenever you need or want to transfer files you can quickly and easily do so without having to really worry about unplugging other devices or whatever. I was kind of shocked to see 4 USB 3.0 ports on this system, as I really only expected to see two USB ports.

Final Thoughts And Impressions

The Lenovo A740 isn’t exactly cheap as it’s priced at around $1,699 for the system that I was sent for review. You can get one that’s even a bit more beefier with a higher price tag. However, for what you’re getting, and if this is your thing, then $1,699 might not be a bad deal.

I’m going to be in the market for a new computer very soon and I’m hoping I don’t have to spend that amount of money for a new system. But if I get a system like this that flies through all applications, plays games without any issues, allows me to do my little bit of graphics editing that I do for my blog posts, then I’d be ok with it.

There’s no doubt the Lenovo A740 is a power house of a machine and it’s one that I definitely hate to have to send back. The only addition I’d make to the system is to add an additional 27 inch monitor, as I’ve been using dual monitors for 10+ years now and it’s just how I’ve become accustomed to using my PC on a day to day basis.

Website: Lenovo
Product: Lenovo A740 27-Inch All-In-One Desktop PC

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  • I am a Linux user and Im in the market for a high end desktop computer and the Lenovo A740 is on top of my shortlist (which led me to this article). There are no trustworthy guides on the internet (that Im aware of) for Linux users to make informed decisions on what to buy etc. Does anyone know how compatible the A740 is with a Linux OS?

    I would love to see one of these sitting on my desk.

    • @disqus_WrFzn9NTHr:disqus It should work with no issues at all as far as just running Linux. I would think even the touchscreen stuff should work as long as you’re using a new version of the Linux distro in which you choose. Linux has come a very long way since even I started using it 13 years ago.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply and reassurance. Im using Arch with the latest kernel so I imagine I will be ok. Touch screen is not a priority for me, more a nice to have. I forgot to mention in my OP that your A740 review was excellent.

        • @disqus_WrFzn9NTHr:disqus I agree, touch screen stuff isn’t important to me either. I have 2 laptops in for review right now that have it and I never use it, plus that A740 and I never used it on that either.

          Thank you for the kind words. Certainly glad you enjoyed the article and the review. Keep me updated if you purchase one or not.