I recently got offered a chance to review the new SK Hynix Gold S31 SSD drive which I couldn’t resist as I’m always looking to put more storage space in my gaming PC.

I also want to say a special THANK YOU to the folks over at SK Hynix for not only sending over the 1TB Gold S31 SSD, but for also sending over this awesome red hoodie as a bonus. I absolutely love when companies send over nice little bonuses like this as it shows they really want you to represent their product if it’s something you enjoyed.

Chances are you might not have heard about SK Hynix before though it’s likely you’ve seen their products without realizing it. If you’ve ever opened up a Dell or ASUS computer that has a stock SSD in it, then chances are it was an SK Hynix SSD that was included.

The Gold S31 is the first retail drive from the company and in that sense it’s something totally new for them. Prior to this you couldn’t purchase their drives as replacement drives as they were provided to OEM’s as mentioned above.

At first glance, the SK Hynix Gold S31 is a standard SSD drive, however, it’s only 7mm thick instead of the usual 7.5mm thick, which means this drive can fit in smaller places than your standard SSD can. It will also work in place of any SATA drive, though chances are you will need a drive caddy to install it in a desktop computer as that’s not included by SK Hynix.

You can write up to 150 terabytes of data to the 250GB version of the Gold S31 before it starts to become unreliable. Basically that means you’d have to write 10GB of data to the drive every single day and even if you did that, it’s lifespan should be right around 43 years. That’s a long time for any drive to last in your laptop or desktop computer. You’ll also need an SSD cable as the package includes only the SSD itself and nothing else.

For the 1TB version of the Gold S31 which is what SK Hynix sent to me, you can write 600 terabytes. Again, that’s a ton of data to be written before the drive should become unreliable.

One thing to note is that unlike most SSD’s, the Gold S31 is a bare bones drive and doesn’t come with any type of software included on it for updating firmware or anything similar. Not sure if this is something that will change in the future or not, but it would certainly be nice to see that included.

Drive performance isn’t the fastest from what I’ve experienced, but it’s certainly good enough to recommend. The Gold S31 averages about 480 MB/s when writing to the drive and about 530 MB/s when reading from the drive. When doing both reading and writing, it seems to average right around 215 MB/s which is decently good.

I’ve currently only had the drive for a week or so but have been using it since the day I received it. I used it as an additional storage device for video games and not for my boot drive.

Overall I feel the SK Hynix Gold S31 is a decent SSD that should be something for anyone to consider especially if you’re looking for something with a slightly cheaper price than most SSD’s will run you. The 1TB version will cost you $118.99 currently on Amazon where the 500GB version will cost you $69.99 and the 250GB version will cost you $49.99.

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