If you had asked me a year ago about portable chargers, I probably would’ve laughed at you and told you I didn’t need something so trivial. Of course, as time progresses, opinions change, and as opinions change, money gets spent. Well if you’re me, money gets spent. So working for a Premium Retailer for one of the big carriers, I had access to these portable chargers, but I really wanted something more compact and versatile. Enter the Powerdash R900 from Ventev.

Ventev Powerdash r900 combination charger - Rapid Car Charger and Portable Battery Charger in One

Sure, I had a portable charger in my car, in my room, and in my computer bag, but I was still tired of always having to recharge the darn things every time I drained the battery. Well, the Ventev Powerdash is ALMOST the perfect addition to have on a day to day basis. The Powerdash is a car charger, that charges your various devices via the 2.1A USB port, but there’s a little twist to this. If you look at the pictures of the Powerdash, there is a micro-USB port on the right side, and that’s where things get fun.


  • Number of USB Ports: One
  • Max. Charge Rate: 2.1 A
  • Connector: Micro USB
  • Lowest Charge Rate: 1 A

The micro-USB port is there so you can recharge the portable battery portion of the Powerdash. Yup, there’s a 900mAh battery built into the Powerdash so you can get a quick charge on the go if you really need to. I was so excited about this I just couldn’t wait to try it out with my brand new iPhone 6. Now I know, 900mAh isn’t a lot, but the main purpose of the Powerdash isn’t to be a portable charger. It’s more of a convenience thing.

As I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment last week, I decided to give the portable charger a go, and instead of just plugging my phone into the car charger, I wanted to see how much charge the Powerdash would give me. I plugged it in at 4:56 when my iPhone 6 was at 39%, and when I got home at 5:36, the Powerdash was out of juice, but I was up to 64%. So this little 900mAh portable charger within the car charger, gave me an extra 25% battery in just about 40 minutes.

Ventev Powerdash r900 combination charger_Alt 2

No it’s not a fast charge, since the output is only 1A, but it’s enough to hold me over in case of an emergency, like if my car broke down, and my phone’s on the verge of dying. If you’re worried about whether there is any battery left in the Powerdash, no worries. Ventev thought about everything and put an indicator light just above the USB port. This indicator light also acts as the “start” button for when you want to use the Powerdash as a portable charger instead of the car charger.

One more cool thing about the Powerdash that had me sold on it, was the fact that there are short circuit and temperature protection built in. Meaning that if your cable goes bad, or if there’s some type of “power surge” in your car, your device will be protected from damage via the Powerdash. Also, there’s no worries about your device or the Powerdash over-heating while the battery does it’s thing. It’s crazy to think that Ventev would put that kind of thought when creating the Powerdash.

If you’re interested in picking one of these up, head on over to the Ventev website, and grab one or two of these for $39.99 a piece. It’s $40 well spent in my opinion, and even though there’s only a 900mAh battery, it still serves a purpose regardless. The Powerdash, combined with the Ventev Chargesync, makes an awesome combination whether you’re driving or on the go.  Let us know what you think about the Ventev Powerdash in the comment section below, and whether you think this could fit into your daily charging routine.

Website: Ventev Powerdash R900

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