We see a lot of battery backups here at TechDissected. I’ve reviewed small batteries perfect for on the go. I have an upcoming review of a huge battery that will keep you going forever but there’s just one battery backup that I make sure I have with me every time I leave the house and that’s the i-Blason Aero 10,400 mAh battery.

Jack Of All Trades

Aero w/ iDevices

The Aero isn’t the perfect battery backup but it does so much very well that it’s the perfect choice to keep in your bag or purse. No one wants their phone to die on them but it’s a fact of life that OEMs keep trying to make phones smaller and slimmer instead of adding more battery to them. If we’re going to be forced to deal with this, then at least we have an awesome alternative.

The Aero 10,400 mAh packs enough punch to charge up your iPhone 6 about 5.5 times. The Aero also comes in a mAh version but you lose half your charging power and one of the USB ports. The ability to charge two devices is a feature I always look for in external batteries because many times my wife and I will be out running errands and both need to charge up at dinner time after using our phones for directions, music and letting our daughter watch cartoons on Netflix.

The LED indicators that i-Blason put on the Aero are bright enough and do enough to accurately display the approximate battery level. There are four of them that stretch across the face of the battery near where you plug your USB cables in. In higher end chargers I’ve seen LCD panels showing the exact battery percentage remaining and while I do find this pretty awesome, I also worry about damaging the LCD.


Aero 10400

Most of the time, the Aero lives in my bag which gets thrown around enough so build quality is important and again, the Aero does really well here. It’s an extremely solid battery. It weighs in around 9 ounces and measures 4 x 1 x 3 inches, a little bigger than a pad of post its. You can tell that i-Blason tried to make a fashion statement with the Aero as well. What I can only assume is aluminum is machined into one rounded piece that circles shiny, white plastic ends that offset the black, almost space grey color, body.

At work I get asked a lot for recommendations on products or my opinions upcoming tech since people know I write for TechDissected. Every time I pull out this battery to tell people about it, they always remark about how excellent it looks. Now, I don’t generally think people are going to be carrying around batteries trying to make fashion statements but the fact that this one looks so good makes it even better.


As the title says, I think this is the best battery backup out there right now and I keep it with me in my bag on a daily basis. The build quality, high battery capacity and ability to charge two devices at once are all winners for me. Add that to the fact it looks good doing it and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, you’ve got a winner.

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Product Page: Aero 10400 Battery

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