The spec war is over. Phones are at the point now where it’s no longer about getting phones that are powerful enough or pretty enough. Everyone has a minicomputer with a high-resolution display. At this point, the selling features for phones are beginning to trend toward convenience features. One of the biggest in the past 6 months is wireless charging. I began to think, if my phone is laying on my desk, why isn’t it charging? That’s a waste.

Tylt Vu Solo

Tylt has a solution. Not only does the Tylt Vu Solo charge your phone with its single coil design, the alignment edge helps you keep your phone at the exact spot on the charger to line up with your wireless charging sweet spot. The best part is that the ledge is built into the provided cable so there’s no small pieces to lose. This is an excellent solution to putting your phone on the charger at night when it’s dark.

The Tylt Vu Solo also has a solution to keeping your phone in place once you’ve got it there. On the top of the charger is a silicon anti-slip pad that keeps your phone stuck there. If you’ve ever used a slippery phone (Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z lineup, Nexus 4) you’ll know that your phone can slip incredibly easy due to the glass backing but the Tylt Vu Solo keeps my S6 firmly in place.

Tylt Vu Solo

The bottom of the square charging dock features a micro suction base that will not let it move when placed on a surface. This is less a suction cup design and more of a design that has feet that won’t let the charger move. The Tylt Vu Solo only weighs in at 72 grams, which is pretty light, so having the feet there stopping it from moving when slightly bumped is very helpful.

Tylt Vu Solo

Charging speeds are very good. I haven’t done measurements with the Tylt Vu Solo but I had my S6 on the charger for about 2.5 hours of my 8 hour shift and walked out of the door with 100% battery every time I used it. I’ve read that wireless chargers generally charge around half an amp and the Tylt Vu Solo charges at a full amp. The strength of the charger impresses as well as I had a pretty thick case on my Galaxy S6 and it had no trouble charging.

Tylt has seemingly thought of everything. The attention to detail right down to the excellent packaging is why they’re an industry leader in charging accessories. The ledge to keep your phone in place, the brightly colored anti-slip pad and anti-slip feet are all found in a charger that’s the perfect size. This is generally where I’d mention the things I dislike about a product but I really can’t find any. I stay powered up throughout the day and when my phone isn’t on the charger, it’s a nice looking package with bright colors.

You can pick up the Tylt Vu Solo from Amazon in four colors.

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