Powering your portable electronics has become a big business. It seems like everyone has a battery bank or charging case laying around to make sure their phone doesn’t crap out before they do. The Sentey LS-2100 is the company’s take on mobile power that aims to stay out of your way. With it’s small, lipstick case design, can it provide enough power to make it worth carrying? Read on to find out.


Sentey LS-2100

The Sentey LS-2100 is a small, plastic triangle of power. The body doesn’t feel particularly good or bad. The casing feels like every other plastic thing on the market. The body is black with some white flair on the ends. Rather than it being one piece, the black part of the body is raised higher than the white giving it some depth when you run your finger toward the ends of the battery bank.

Sentey LS-2100

The Sentey LS-2100 measures in at 3.54 inches long by 1.06 inches wide and 1.06 tall. Most lipstick tubes are 3.06 x .63 x .63 so besides being a triangle instead of a round tube, this is almost identical in size. On on of the ends you’ll find two ports, one USB for output and one Micro USB for recharging the battery bank. The USB port stretch almost the entire width of the LS2100 to give you a better understanding on how big this thing is.


Sentey LS-2100

The Sentey LS-2100 has a capacity of 2800 mAh with an input of 500mA and an output of 1A. First, lets focus on the capacity, which is pretty generous. That’s big enough to fill up your iPhone 6 (1810 mAh), or Galaxy S6 (2500 mAh) and almost enough for your HTC One M9 (2840 mAh).

Sentey LS-2100

My biggest issue with the Sentey LS-2100 is the output. 1 amp is not enough anymore. I don’t care how small the battery bank is. We’re moving toward technology where rapid charging is becoming a real selling point because people don’t have all day to sit around and charge their phones. If you use this battery bank and expect it to charge your phone in less than an hour, you’re going to be disappointed. You’re going to be carrying this thing most of the day. The standard for chargers now is 2.1A and even that isn’t great. When you consider that fast charging and Qi are becoming the more and more popular, 1A simply doesn’t cut it anymore.


The Sentey LS-2100 is a nice charger with one fatal flaw. I do really like the form factor, how it looks and the hard plastic construction. I feel like I could throw this in a bag, forget it for 6 months and it would come out undamaged because of the construction. The addition of the carrying case and micro USB cable are a nice touch, even if the cable is extremely short.

But the killer is such a major one that I wouldn’t consider buying this. I don’t have time to wait on chargers and I certainly don’t want to be carrying one around for hours. If this is something you don’t mind then I say go for it but it’s not for me.

Product Page: Sentey LS-2100 Brio Power Bank
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