I found out about Ventev just shortly before CES 2015 this past January via an email they sent out to CES registrants. When I saw the products listed in their email I decided to reach out to them to see about getting some review units of whatever they wanted to send over. I expected to get a charging hub and maybe a cable or something. However, they sent us a box full of stuff such as the Ventev PowerCell 6000, Ventev Penna Case For The iPhone 6 and the Ventev PowerDash R900 that we reviewed for them shortly after CES. Now, it seems they have sent us a few more items including the Ventev USB Charging Hub which I’ll be reviewing for you today.

The Ventev USB Charging Hub is a 4-port charging hub meant to charge your devices while on the go, or even while you’re just sitting at home or at the office. It includes one 2.4A port for rapid charging devices at their maximum rate. This means any device will charge at its quickest possible speed based on the amperage the device will accept. The other 3 ports are 3A for charging devices at regular speed. Total power for the Ventev USB Charging Hub is 5.4A which is decent for such a small sized portable charger.

Please note that the Ventev USB charging hub does NOT have Quick Charge technology in it at all. So even if your device has Qualcomm Quick Charge capabilities this hub won’t charge like a Quick Charge capable device would. It will however charge it at its maximum rate which is 2.4A which is what Ventev calls Rapid Charge.

Here are a couple of videos that will help explain things a bit more clearly just to make sure there is no confusion. These are videos that Ventev put together and I feel they are very informative. Huge thanks to my contact at Ventev for sharing these as they even enlightened me quite a bit as well.

Why Do Phones/Tablets Take So Long To Charge? and Rapid Charge. Is It Bad For Your Battery?

The build quality of this Ventev USB Charging Hub is just like all other Ventev products that I’ve had in the past. They are a dark and light gray with orange accents which to me really makes their products stand out. The durability is simply amazing and you feel you have a superb product when you hold it in your hands. You don’t feel as if the product was just “thrown together” or  made with cheap plastics or metal or anything similar.

One thing to note is that the Ventev USB Charging Hub is not a charging device that you charge up and take up with and turn it on when you want to charge something. It actually plugs into the wall so it’s something you would leave on your computer at work, your nightstand at home or something that if you take with you to an event such as CES, you would need to make sure you have access to an electrical wall outlet to be able to charge your device(s). It also doesn’t come with any USB cables of any type, so you’ll need to have the proper cables for your device as well. This is not a downfall of the product or anything I have an issue with.

Once out of the box and plugged into the wall, the Ventev USB Charging Hub works perfectly as expected. Since I own a Motorola X 2015(2nd gen model) I have the ability to quick charge my device. This means that when I plug it into the 2.4A port on the Ventev USB Charging Hub that it will charge my phone much quicker. Quicker as in I went from 10% to 62% in just under 15 minutes when I came home from work one afternoon.

Something very important to note is the ability to charge multiple devices with the Ventev USB Charging Hub. A lot of portable chargers struggle to charge as many devices as they have ports. Ventev has made it a point to not struggle in this department and the USB Charging Hub can charge an iPad on one port while charging 3 mobile phones on the other 3 ports. This won’t cause the devices being charged or the USB Charging Hub to get overly hot which is quite surprising.

Overall I’m very happy with the Ventev USB Charging Hub just like I was with the prior Ventev products that were sent to me. For what it does and how well it does it and with a price tag of around $39.99 I’d say this is hands down a great deal and a device that you definitely need to add to your arsenal of charging devices if you’re always on the go.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I take a look at a couple of other Ventev products that we’ve managed to get our hands on as we break them all down and tell you all about. Products such as some Ventev tangle-free charging cables and the Ventev PowerCell 3015c portable battery charger.

Website: Ventev Products
Product: Ventev USB Charging Hub

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