Cables drive me insane. I have a million of them for every different device and port that you can think of and they’re everywhere. No matter how much I try, I just suck at cable management. Things get even worse when we go on the road. I must have cables for all of our phones, all of the tablets and whatever other device we decide we need to take with us. It can be a giant pain. But a little device from Moshi called the Rewind is helping me find my sanity. Or at least a little it of it. If you’ve ever traveled long distances in a car with a three-year old, you know you’re going to go a little insane at some point!

Moshi Rewind 5

When you first see the Rewind, it looks rather unassuming. Just a white square with a cutout. Nothing special. But what the Rewind holds is something excellent. Dual 2.1A USB charging ports let you charge two devices at once, thus freeing up one of your receptacles and space in your bag. The cutout allows you to keep your cables contained around the device rather than trying to tie them up and it becoming a mess. The whole point of the Rewind is the make your life easier and does a fantastic job of it.

The rewind is pretty small. At only  2.28″ x 2.28″ x 1.18″ and under 3 ounces the Rewind doesn’t take up much room and will leave your second plug free for most anything else. And it’s well-built as well. It’s been thrown around in my bag for about a month now and it’s come out just the same as when I got it. No scratches, no issues with function at all. This thing can definitely take a beating on the road and continue to power your devices.

Moshi Rewind 2

The Rewind is also a built-in surge protector and overcurrent protection. That isn’t one of those sexy features that many point out but when you’re on the road do you want to spend an hour or two in an Apple store or carrier store trying to get a new phone because yours blew up overnight? The Rewind seemingly thinks of everything and keeps it at a low price of $25 on Moshi’s site, you can’t really beat it. There are other plugs out there you can buy but they aren’t going to stack up to the quality or features of the Moshi Rewind.

Product: Moshi Rewind Product Page

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