There are a slew of different options out there for cables that charge your iOS devices. Usually, you won’t have to start really looking for a new cable until the inevitability that your Apple Lightning cable will break. It’s frustrating when it happens, because your cable usually breaks at the most in-opportune time.

Well, you can head out and get one from your local Apple store, but in an emergency, you’ll probably just grab a cheap one from Amazon or the gas station around the corner. Today, we are taking a look at a permanent solution to the age-old fraying/breaking problem with your Lightning cables. The Fuse Chicken TITAN hopes to set your mind at east about ever needing to get another Lightning cable again.

Fuse Chicken TITAN

The TITAN is almost 40 inches long, which is about the same length as Apple’s stock Lightning cable. What you will notice as soon as you lay your eyes on the TITAN is the fact that the inner cable is surrounded by a thick steel cover. Just because the cable itself is thick, doesn’t mean that it’s not flexible. Sure, it’s not as flexible as that old Apple cable, but that’s the point.


The TITAN is extremely durable, flexible, and allows you to twist and manipulate the cable to your hearts content. The only issue that may arise is due to the extra plastic surrounding the USB and Lightning portions of the TITAN. The reinforcement of the ports may cause issues when trying to plug your devices into more rugged cases. So if you’re using an Otterbox or LifeProof, you may want to think twice about the TITAN.

Officially supported by Apple’s Made for iPhone/iPad/iPhone (MFi) standards, you’ll never have to worry about getting that annoying dialog box telling you that you’re cable isn’t compatible. Additionally, you’ll also never have to worry about your cables fraying up again.

There is a bit of a catch though. This bad boy costs about $35 on Amazon, but that’s already $15 more than you’ll pay for an official Apple Lightning cable(which most consider to be expensive). But when you think about how many times you’ve already replaced those cables, you might re-think the price. $35 gets you a cable that is extremely rugged, and is MFi certified, so take the chance.

Fuse Chicken TITAN Loop

The other product from Fuse Chicken is the TITAN’s little brother, the TITAN Loop. The TITAN Loop is made out of the same steel materials that its big brother is, however, it’s about a third of the length of the standard Apple Lightning cable.


The TITAN Loop is also MFi-certified, so again, there’s no worry about incompatibility with your iOS devices. The cool thing about the Loop, is that it’s essentially a cable but has the ability to act as a key loop. There on the USB portion of the TITAN Loop, there is a little adapter that allows you to attach the Lightning-end and complete the loop.

Again, with build quality that is the same as the TITAN, and better than what Apple itself is offering, you’ll have to pay a bit. The TITAN Loop can be had for about $30 on Amazon, but when you think about the quality and reliability of these cables, they are worth the cost.

Since both the TITAN and TITAN Loop are MFi-certified, the packaging has the “Made for iPhone” logo from Apple, and are compatible with the following device:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus

We have no doubt that with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus around the corner, that these will also be compatible with Apple’s new devices. But then again you can never be too sure. Regardless, the TITAN and TITAN Loop are a great addition to anyone’s tech arsenal, even if you aren’t really a rugged person, but are just tired of your cables breaking.

As stated above, the Fuse Chicken TITAN can be purchased through Amazon for about $35, and the Fuse Chicken TITAN Loop can be purchased through Amazon for about $30. Yeah, there’s only a $5 difference, but depending upon your preference, you may need to go ahead and get both.

Drop us a line below and let us know what you think about these offerings from the awesome folks at Fuse Chicken.

Product Page: Fuse Chicken TITAN
Product Page: Fuse Chicken TITAN Loop

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