The NTONPOWER Five Port USB Charging Station is one of the two dock charging stations available from the Chinese manufacturer (the other featuring 10 ports with more power allotment). The five port version is small and compact enough to keep on any desk be it at work or at home.

With the emergence of the universal USB 2.0 standard which took the world out of the propriety mess prior to the smart gadgets era (when every manufacturer released a different charging cable for every device), almost all of our phones and tablets have adopted this new standard, therefore making our lives a little more easier (not smartwatches though, since these seem to be the most stubborn portable device to still stick to a proprietary charger).

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The NTONPOWER charging station is simple to set up. Simply unbox it and take it out of its protective wrapper, plug the power cord in, and press the power switch to turn it on. You do have to provide your own USB charging cables, but the odds are really high that you have several of these laying around in all sorts of places. Then it’s just a matter of putting your devices in the stand and plugging them in.

The stand itself is small, and made of a rugged plastic that feels quite sturdy. The item description on Amazon plugs it as a good portable charging solution, and I suppose I do have to give it that. It is small and compact, and I imagine it would fit quite handily into a suitcase. But by the same token, it also fits quite handily onto the top of one’s dresser or nightstand or bookcase within your home.

The stand features five USB ports which are capable of offering up to 2.4 amps, the power draw that the average tablet needs to charge at full speed. Its 40 watt output permits full-speed charging of two tablets and three phones at the same time; or, presumably, a little slower-than-full-speed charging of five tablet devices at the same time.

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I must admit, it is quite nice to have a vertical charging solution for tablets and phones. This is important for me since I currently have 5 devices sitting on my desk as we speak. Those are all phones as I don’t really do much with tablets, but those phones are the Pixel XL, iPhone X, Razer Phone, Pixel 2 XL and the LG V30. All pretty much the same sized devices so they fit nice and neat on each of the stands within the dock.

The NTONPOWER charging bank is indeed made for tablets as well as mobile phones, but to be honest, I’m not sure I’d take a chance of placing my tablet into this device. The product just isn’t that wide and I feel the tablet would easily rock out of the slots or just a slight bump of the table or the device itself would knock it out of the charging stand and that’s not something I want to happen to any of my devices.

On the front of the NTONPOWER USB Charging Station, there is a small LED light which shines a non-intrusive blue light when the device is powered on and to the right, there are five USB 2.0 ports (the total output is 8A 40W, while each port has a DC 5V 2.4 A output). On the rear side of the device, there is a power On/Off button (the button is big, robust and easy to press) and a Power adapter (AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 A). Unfortunately, it does not also work as a USB hub, so there is no USB port for connecting to a computer or laptop to gain more ports, the device being simply used for charging up other gadgets.

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One really good feature of the NTONPOWER charging dock is that it has over-charging protection as well as short circuit protection. What this means is that it’s smart enough to know when your device is fully charged and it will stop charging it at that time to prevent damage to the device being charged. This is a feature that I personally look for on any similar type device that I’m purchasing as I don’t want to take the chances of my devices getting ruined due to a battery charger.

Overall I think this is a pretty decent product. Especially for those of you like myself who have multiple devices sitting on your computer that you need to have charged on a regular basis, or if you just need to place a device out of the way to get a little bit of juice. The retail price of $29.99 isn’t overly expensive in my opinion as you are getting what seems like a quality built product and one that can charge up to five devices at one time.

NTONPOWER Five Port Charging Dock


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use







  • Docking Support
  • Comes In Black/Black Or White/Gray
  • Overcurrent/Overcharging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Small And Compact


  • No Quick Charge Features
  • Not Really Made For Tablets

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