When it comes to charging your portable devices, it’s unfortunate that there isn’t a one size fits all solution for recharging all your devices at once. I’ve been dealing with individual power banks for several years now and find myself switching back and forth a lot because I can’t charge my phone, tablet, and even my laptop from one source while I’m on the go. There are a few options out there but many of them are too cost-prohibitive to be worth the investment. I was just introduced to the Naztech VOLT Power Station and I think I’ve found the one power bank to rule them all.


  • Internal 27,000mAh capacity battery to charge power-hungry devices multiple times
  • With 3 types of USB ports, the VOLT works with most USB-powered devices: micro-USB, Lightning, USB Type-C, and Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • USB Type-C port delivers 5V/3A outputs to quickly charge devices
  • Compatible Quick Charge 3.0 devices power up 4x times faster than non-compatible gear
  • Recharging the Volt can be done in about 4 hours using the supplied AC wall charger connected to the DC input port
  • AC wall outlet provides up to 85W of power for charging laptops, lights, fans, and other equipment
  • On/Off switch and LED power indicator light allow you to turn off the AC output without needing to unplug the device
  • Front-facing LED light lets you see in dark or low-light environments in the event of a power outage or emergency
  • IntelliQ Technology uses Smart Tips to detect each device’s power needs and adjusts the power flow automatically for the fast and efficient charging

About The Naztech VOLT

The Naztech VOLT Power Station is a 27,000 mAh battery that features 3 high-speed USB ports and one built-in AC outlet. The AC outlet makes it possible for you to not only charge devices like laptops, but it also allows you to use a wall charger and have a fourth USB port available if needed. The AC outlet is ‘universal’ and works with all standard U.S. AC plugs. It provides 110V/85W of power for charging. In addition to that, there is a single USB-C high-power port that delivers up to 5V/3A for charging devices. This is super important to me since I mainly use Android devices that require Type-C cables to charge.

The two USB ports provide two different levels of charging. One is a dedicated Qualcomm QC 3.0 port. It is designed to charge devices 4X faster than standard chargers. The other port pushes out 5V/2.4A. Both ports are powerful enough to charge tablets as well as smartphones. The power bank has adaptive fast charging which means that the voltage output will be dynamically adjusted for maximum efficiency. The power bank comes with an AC wall charger, International wall socket adapter (AU/US/UK/EU) and a user manual.

Naztech VOLT Image 1

No Pass Through Charging

What is pass through charging you ask? Pass through charging is when you are able to charge the battery charger at the same time you are charging your devices with the charger itself. This is a pretty handy feature to have on any charging device and I was quite shocked to see that the Naztech VOLT didn’t have this included.

This isn’t a deal breaker by all means, but since it’s not included, many folks will pass on buying the VOLT simply because of that. A lot of people need or want to charge their devices while charging their charger at the same time just due to usage for them personally.

Power Controls

This might not phase some people, but when I plug my devices into a charger, I want them to automatically start charging without having to press any buttons to activate that function. I have used many power banks that require this step and it’s really a big turn off for me as a consumer. The VOLT takes this operation a step further by requiring that you not only have to press the power button in order to activate the USB port charging but then you also have to switch the AC outlet on in a different place. While I’ve used other portable chargers and yes, they do require that you power the charger on and then select your AC or DC power outlets. Even though this is a requirement for use, the buttons are located in the same place and there is no mistake about how to operate it. I ran into issues where I wasn’t sure if charging was active or not on the VOLT. I also don’t like that you have to manually turn the battery off in order to make sure it’s not in standby mode. I would much prefer that it automatically turn off after an idle period. The manual recommends that you recharge the Volt every 3 weeks if you are an inactive user. Most power banks have a much longer lifespan with limited use. I have power banks that I don’t use for months and they still retain their charge.

Naztech VOLT Image 2

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m happy with the Naztech VOLT and find myself using it quite a bit. Are there improvements that could be made, especially for the price of $200, yes. The lack of pass through charging is a huge thing that needs to be added in the next version of this device if there is one.

In the end, I’d highly recommend the Naztech VOLT to anyone who needs to charge multiple types of devices including one with an AC outlet. There’s a lot you can do with it and it’s hard to not have something like this laying around once you’ve had it.

Naztech VOLT Portable Charger


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use







  • Charges Multiple Types Of Devices
  • Easily Stored
  • High Capacity Charger


  • A Bit Expensive
  • Heats Up While AC Charging
  • No Pass Through Charging

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