Bluetooth. GPS. Music. Text Messages. Screen brightness cranked. If you have a decent car ride ahead, you may be in trouble. Your battery may last through the drive but is your phone going to still be on much after you get there? And what if your partner is running dry? These are certainly first world problems but ones that can cause stress none the less.

Luckily we have products like the TYLT Y-Charge to save our butts.

TYLT Y-Charge

There are tons of car chargers out there. There have been car chargers since we started making mobile phones but to get any traction you have to make some unique. Functional is a must but a cool design doesn’t hurt either. This intersection of function and design is where the Y-Charge sits. The Y-Charge is a two port USB charger that supports the Quick Charge 2.0 standard and can charge Apple devices 2.4x faster than a basic 1 amp charger. Overall the Y-Charge can put out 4.8 Amps to kick it up a notch in the charging category.

TYLT Y-Charge

Charging technology has been progressing really quickly the past two years to the point where we’re charging phones from dead to half in about a half an hour. And these batteries are not small either. The Note 4 and 5 have batteries at or over 3 Ah. The Y-Charge will figure out what device you have and charge it at the fastest possible rate. If you have an older phone, it’s not going to blow up your battery trying to push too much juice at once.

TYLT Y-Charge

Another feature that I mentioned but shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that you can charge two devices at the same time. There have been plenty of times on long trips that we’re using my phone for our media and GPS but the iPad that stores all my daughter’s cartoons starts to run dry. With a long enough cable she doesn’t even have to give up the Apple tablet to get a boost in battery. Not only that but the Y design separates your cables so you’re never searching for which one goes where. It might be a bit of an issue if you have a really tiny area to plug it in but the Y stretches maybe an inch and a half.

If you’re looking for a really excellent car charger, you should definitely check out the TYLT Y-Charge.

Product Link: TYLT Y-Charge car charger

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