In today’s world, we are always in need of chargers for our various devices such as our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and many other things. My friends over at Accell always have new items they are releasing and luckily I get a chance to get them sent to me at times for review.

Today I’m going to take a look at the Accell Power Wireless Block Mini that I was sent prior to PAX South back in January. I took it on my trip with me because it included everything I needed to charge the devices I was taking with me.

Accell Block Mini is a compact yet powerful power station featuring a wireless charging stand for all compatible smartphones, 3 fast charging USB-A ports with total output at 4.8A, and 2 protected AC outlets with 300J surge protection each.

Accell Power Wireless Block Mini Image 1


  • 2 surge protected AC outlets – 1875 Watt max allow charging multiple devices with 300 Joules surge protection
  • Smart USB Charging – 3 USB Type A ports with total 5V / 4.8A Max
  • Hassle free wireless charging stand (Horizontal/Landscape Only), Qi Compatible
  • Case friendly – supporting cases less than 4 mm thick. Metal case, magnets, or card holding cases may limit wireless charging capability
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 8/8plus/X/XS/XR/XS MAX, Samsung Galaxy S9/S10e/S10/S10plus, Samsung Note 7/8/9, LG G2/G3/G6/G6Plus/G7/V30/V30Plus/Vu2/Vu3 and many other devices.
  • 5 ft / 1.5 m power cord
  • ETL Certified

About The Device

The Accell Power Wireless Block Mini has 3 USB ports that you can plug into USB cable into which allows you to charge multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks and laptops.

It also has two AC outlets for plugging things like a laptop into or anything that you need to give power to. This is essentially handy for some laptops that have AC plugs instead of a USB-C type cable of some sort.

Also included is a Qi compatible wireless charging stand for your mobile devices such as my Pixel 4 XL and iPhone XS Max.

Accell Power Wireless Block Mini Image 2

How It Works

When it comes to the wireless charging stand, you simply place your device on the wireless stand and let it do its thing without worries. It literally doesn’t get any easier than that.

The power cord on the Accell Block Mini is about 5 foot long, so you should plenty of cord to plug it into the wall and set it on your night stand or desk or whatever.

While I was at PAX South in San Antonio back in the middle of January, I used this as my main only source of charging two mobile phones and a Chromebook.

Accell Power Wireless Block Mini Image 3

I can tell you it worked flawlessly and I still had plenty of ports that I could have plugged other things into had I needed to do so.

Charging was quick and simple on all things and I didn’t have to worry about charging being slowed down due to poor connections, low amps or anything similar.

One great thing about this product is that it’s very small and compact, so it takes up very little room so it can be used in a multitude of places. On top of that, the Accell Power Wireless Block Mini only costs you $39.99 which is insanely cheap for as much charging power and options it provides.

Overall, I highly recommend the Accell Power Wireless Block Mini to anyone who is in need of several ports to charge several devices. In my opinion, you simply can’t go wrong with this as it’s literally just a plug and let charge type of product that allows you to charge your devices without having to worry about anything.

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