Nowadays, if you aren’t searching for power for your electronic devices, its because of one of three things; you are in your car with a charger, at a desk with an outlet, or you have an external battery. We got our hands on a Lumsing power bank, model LUM-008-01, with 10,400 mAh of extra battery power. I gave it a full one week test, using only it to recharge my Moto X, after work and overnight. First let’s have a look at the device itself and the packaging.

Lumsing Power Bank Unboxing

As I’ve stated before, with all the recycling efforts going on, one doesn’t need these glossy colorful boxes to get me attracted to a product. Not to mention, a lot of items now are ordered from the internet, so you’ve seen all the fancy pictures before you receive the item anyways. The Lumsing power bank comes in a proper, naturally recycled, brown, pre-cut single piece of cardboard, folded to perfection.

The foam plastic interior may not be recyclable, but it is a good look and keeps the device and cord tidy during shipping. It has a large compartment for the device and the paperwork, and a small partition for the supplied recharging cord. The plastic containing the cord I don’t think was necessary; a twist tie would suffice here.

The device comes in a plastic pouch, hiding the sleek and modern look of the Lumsing power bank. It comes with a high quality velour bag for transporting the device, and preventing scratches. It also includes an instruction sheet, in multiple languages and a registration card.

Upon inspection, this device feels much better to hold than a “standard” power bank. The harmonica shape fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is easy to carry. Think luggage or briefcase handle. It is certainly a premium feeling device, there is no question about that. However, form is nice, but function with a power bank is much more important. Let’s see how its fared.

Lumsing Power Bank Performance

This Lumsing power bank uses high quality Samsung cells for its charge. It charges on a 1.5A 5v port and contains 2 5V output ports, one 1A and one 2.1A. The literature and their site states that this Lumsing power bank can recharge an iPhone 4 times, a Galaxy S3 3 times and an iPad once.

The challenge for me, as I’ve posted before on Google Plus, is that I destroy my Moto X battery on a daily basis. If my work day is slow, I spend a lot of time on the phone, and just keep having to charge it in my truck. After work however, I play Ingress a lot. Ingress is no friend to your battery either considering you need to have your screen on to play. Most of that time is spent walking around, and not in contact with any power source.

This Lumsing power bank got put through the wringer. The day after I received it, I plugged my phone into it after work. At 63%, my Moto X was pretty high for after work. In one hour and 15 minutes, the Lumsing power bank still showed full (4 LEDs lit), and my phone was fully charged.

The second day, after work, it was decided we would be leveling my wife up in Ingress, so we ventured out at 4:20 pm. Generally, playing Ingress while plugged into an external power source overheats your battery and you don’t get a good charge. However, even plugged into the 2.1A port, my Moto X never overheated and charged from 58% to 89% in 45 minutes, while being subjected to screen on for 90% of that time. This alone gives this battery high marks in my eyes.

I decided I would charge my Moto X overnight using the Lumsing power bank. After the overnight trickle charge on the 1A port, the power bank was only down to 75% (3 LEDs lit). The next day after work I was at 28% and plugged into the charger. In one hour and 50 minutes, I was at 100% and the power bank was still at 3 LEDs lit. Another overnight charge from 40% finally brought it down to 1 LED lit.


If you are looking for a reasonably sized, comfortable to hold external battery, this Lumsing power bank is a looker. With three colors to choose from, and a stylish exterior, it is backed by quality components, and 10,400 mAh of power storage. Hitting a price point of $25 on Amazon puts it squarely in the middle of comparable external batteries. With the Samsung cells in this device, I’ve certainly noticed a difference between this and other batteries I’ve tested.

Overall, I have no reason not to recommend this battery based on my testing and the feel of the device. It performed extraordinarily well during my use, and the full charge on the Lumsing power bank lasted a full 5 days.  The added velour bag and flat style USB cable were a bonus, as most I’ve used come with a canvas or mesh bag. I look forward to testing more of their items!


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Website: Lumsing Accessories
Product: Lumsing Power Bank LUM-008-01

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