As I’ve stated before, having backup power is a necessity for me, and for a lot of people nowadays what with all of the connected devices we have at our disposal. The Lumsing GC-802 is at our disposal here, and we give it a thorough testing, both extending the work day and out during Ingress battles. Let’s have a look at what makes the GC-802 special.

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The first thing you’ll notice is that it is a “lipstick” style power bank, where my normal power bank of choice is four times the size of this model. There are positives and negatives of the style. Positives are that it’s small and fits in almost any pocket available, but the negative is that it doesn’t contain much power in comparison. My power bank of choice is almost a full pound weight and the size of two Moto X’s back to back. It holds 15k mAh, but this GC-802 is a mere 3000 mAh. So right away, I knew I’d be in for some serious modification of battery usage.

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The GC-802 contains Samsung cells, which will certainly give it a bit better performance over the budget brands. The build quality of the device is excellent. It feels weighty, but not heavy. The finish is smooth, but has a good feel in the hand, and isn’t slippery at all. The button used to turn the device on and off is a little squishy, but through my heavy use in a two week time, it’s held up nicely.

The GC-802 has three LED’s on the top of its rounded body to inform you of its charge level on a press of the button. If all three are lit, it’s anywhere from 100-66% full, 2 is 66-33% and 1 is 33-0%.

GC-108 flashlight

If you double press the button, you get a flashlight at the end of the of the device (USB port side). This is quite handy, as if it is already in your pocket, you have easy access to a flashlight at any time. Another double press will turn it off again.

Testing The GC-802

As with the previous power bank by Lumsing we tested, I wanted to give this a fair shake. I needed to use it as much as possible when recharging my phone during and after work. Since it is only 3000 mAh, and my Moto X is 2200 mAh, I wasn’t expecting to get more than two charges out of it.

The first test was after work, and I placed my Moto X on the GC-802 charge at 6pm. By 8pm I was up from 20% to 45%, as this is off a 1V output port. The power bank showed 2 LEDs at this point. The following day I placed it on the Moto X after work and got another 35% battery and the power bank still showed 2 LEDs. My wife tossed it on her Note 3, which depleted it quickly, as the Note 3’s battery is larger than the GC-802 (3400 mAh).

I charged up the GC-802 during the day and it only took maybe an hour and 20 minutes to hit full charge which was nice. That night, it charged my Moto X from 15% to 90% and still had one LED to give. After a recharge full I used it when playing Ingress the following night, and the only negative thing I can say is that it got very hot. I’ve found often in power banks, that with the new phones using 1.5V+ rechargers, anything less causes undue stress on the power bank, which causes it to heat up. Even through the added heat during this charge, the power bank continued to charge the phone, which is a testament to the Samsung cells used.

With the addition of a flashlight LED on this power bank, the GC-802 provides a bit more utility than others. With its quick charge and small footprint, its been a pleasure to carry it around, as it is in no way cumbersome. If you are looking to purchase a battery that will get you one full charge of your smartphone’s battery, with the additional utility of an emergency flashlight, look no further than the GC-802. It is a proper lightweight power bank.

Product: Lumsing GC-802 Power Bank

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