Many of us own multiple devices that charge or are powered via USB. Even though many PCs come with at least two or four USB ports these days, and USB charging adapters that plug into wall sockets are commonplace, that may not be enough. In other words, you may occasionally find yourself needing to charge something, without a spare USB port, or a cable for the task; especially if you live in a house with teenagers. If all devices used Micro USB life would be simpler, but sadly, they do not. This is where Hub-It Sync And Charge Station comes in. It’s a powered sync and charging station that can power/charge up to seven items simultaneously, and includes connectors for all of your devices including smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads, digital cameras and even some Nintendo and PlayStation portable devices.

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All About The Hub-It

The Hub-It Sync And Charge Station is a black plastic box(170mm x 170mm x 34mm), that has a removable top. On three of the sides, there are USB 3.0 ports(Type A). On the fourth side, is a port for the power cable to plug into it, and a connector so you can link Hub-It to your PC or MAC. In addition, on all four sides are connectors for different devices. It comes with connectors for Micro USB, Mini USB, Apple 30 pin(as used by older Apple devices) and an Apple Lightning connector(for newer Apple devices). Plus all of these connectors have retractable cables, so you can pull them out to about 2 1/2 – 3 feet, then pull it and let it retract back inside the Hub-It so as to not get tangled or damaged.

What’s particularly great about the Hub-It is these connectors are in hot swappable cartridges, so you can choose which ones to use. If you don’t own any Apple products, you can remove the two Apple connectors and replace them with more Micro USB ones, for example. Replacement cartridges cost $7.99 plus shipping(the only exception is the Qi Wireless cartridge which runs about $30), but you’re not limited to the four types included by default. There are also cartridges for Nintendo handhelds, Samsung Galaxy tablets, PlayStation related stuff and much more.

Swapping the cartridges is just a matter of popping the top of the device off using the clips underneath, and then pulling out a cartridge. Inside, there are actually nine slots for cartridges, although five of them are designed for future functionality, such as installing a battery cartridge (so you can charge devices when away from mains power) and wireless charging. It takes no more than a couple of seconds to remove one cartridge and put another cartridge in its place. Eggtronic certainly couldn’t have made this process any easier.

The other clever design thing about Hub It is the connector cables are all retractable as I mentioned above, so everything is kept neat and tidy when cables are not in use. It’s very simple to retract the cables once you have pulled them out a bit. No hard tugging or anything like that is necessary which is something I was worried about at first and the thought that I might easily break and damage the cables.

The firmware of the Hub-It can be upgraded as well with a simple download from the website and then a quick and easy installation. Once that’s done, the device will then deliver 20W of output power which is a bit of an increase from the factory shipping setting.

Final Thoughts

If you have all sorts of various devices laying around that you need to keep charged on a regular basis, then the Hub-It Sync And Charge Station is definitely something you’d need to check into. It’s not very big and therefore doesn’t take up much space. Plus at a price of only $79.99 it’s certainly hard to pass up for what you can do with it. Then throw in that the replacement cartridges are only $7.99 each so that you can have exactly what you want, you definitely can’t beat this product.

I definitely recommend the Hub-It to anyone, especially those out there that are like me who have devices laying all around your room or house or work desk. I’ve been using mine since I got it and know that it’s going to be something that will be in use for a long time to come. You can grab yours from the links below as well as take a look at all the cartridges they have available.

Website: Hub-It By Eggtronic
Product: Hub-It Sync And Charge Station
Product: Hub-It Cartridges

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