If you’re anything like me, the cigarette adapters in your car get filled up quickly. The more devices we have and the more kids want to play games while on a road trip, the more methods you will want to charge them. I have a little Bluetooth adapter plugged into one, leaving just one port left for charging. Sometimes you need more. Sometimes you want to charge your phone, a passengers phone, your kid’s iPad, or even your external battery. With the Gosin 48W/9.6A 4-Port Smart USB Car Charger with Smart Technology (phew that’s a mouthful), you are able to charge all of these devices at once. Fast.


If you need extra ports in your car, it’s nearly perfect. The Gosin is built exceptionally well. Usually any type of adapter for the car is 100% plastic. The Gosin is wrapped in metal giving it a solid, heavy and durable feel. Another advantage of this metal rim is that it makes plugging your device a little bit easier. The weight makes it a little more stable and protected when you incorrectly jam the wrong side of the USB cable into the plug (USB-C can’t come soon enough). When the Gosin is plugged in, it is very snug with almost no play when trying to wiggle it. It also seems to remove with fearing that I’m going to rip out my center console.

The Gosin Smart Charger is also exceptionally small. It sticks out about 1.5 inches from the car’s cigarette adapter and is only about 1 inch x 1.8 inches wide – it’s about as compact as possible while still giving you enough room to plug in your devices. It really is refreshing to see one of these adapters that doesn’t look and feel so cheap.

Gosin Smart Charger Dimensions


The Gosin products 48 watts or 9.6 amps, which equates to 12 watts or 2.4 amps per USB outlet. An iPhone’s normal charger is 1 amp (but it can accept more) and an iPad will accept up to 2.1 amps. This is similar across Android devices. Some Android devices such as the new Galaxy S6 have the Qualcomm’s Quick Charging capabilities built-in meaning it can utilize up 3 amps of power. What does this all mean? You could simultaneously plug 4 iPads, iPhones, or most Android devices and it will charge each one at it’s maximum allowed speed. Certain new Android devices will charge very fast but not quite as fast as those with Quick Charging capabilities.

After fully charging my Galaxy S6 and my iPad, it also barely warm to the touch. Other adapters I have tried in the past can get extremely how when trying to charge multiple devices at once. My phone did get a little warm while charging but was much cooler than when I charge with the Quick Charging plug that came with the phone.

Pricing And Discount Code

The cost of the Gosin 4 Port USB Smart Charger is $12.99. Gosin was generous enough to offer TechDissected a $5 discount using the code GVHC5P2D at checkout on Amazon (valid until the end of July 2015). This brings the price to $7.99 with free Prime shipping or free shipping on orders over $35. They also offer optional Apple MFI certified lightning cables for $10.

Product: Gosin 4 Port USB Charger

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