When you get a new phone, the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re anything like me you love finding cool accessories to pimp out your phone and make your life easier. Also there’s that little detail about protecting your investment, but more importantly, you can make your phone look even cooler!

Well, one of my favorite accessory companies is Moshi. We’ve done several reviews of Moshi products here on TechDissected and recently they sent us over some really cool stuff to take a look at. Included was the awesome Moshi iVisor glass screen protector. We reviewed this in the past (which you can read here) and along with Phantom Glass I really think that Moshi makes the best screen protectors you can buy. Also included were a couple of products that are new to us here at TeD: the iGlaze XT, a super thin, clear snap on case, and Moshi’s USB cable with Lightning Connector.

Moshi iGlaze XT

I had some preconceived notions about the iGlaze XT before I got it, and now I’m really glad I got a chance to take a look at it because boy, was I wrong. I thought it might be one of those incredibly thin, cheap protectors that offer literally no protection for any kind of falls. Complete opposite in fact. The iGlaze XT is really thin but it’s also strong enough to stop a fall from wrecking your phone (and your day). This is no Otterbox, but I’d feel comfortable leaving the house with this on my phone, and I’m pretty sure it’ll protect the back and sides from a fall, say on concrete.

The iGlaze XT isn’t so rigid that it feels uncomfortable or that it might break under some stress. There’s some give in the case that allows it to bend enough to absorb impact and feel good to the touch when you’re holding it. The soft, clear plastic feels pretty good and has some grip to it too. I love that it’s clear. You’re not hiding that Apple design that you paid for, and that makes a huge difference. Since the case is low profile and transparent you’ll have to forgive your friends for not noticing you have any case on at all.

The iGlaze XT has a scratch resistant coating on it so it’ll stay looking new for longer than others. All buttons are accessible, and the top and bottom are completely cut out like the design of the Apple Leather Case. One thing you will have to watch out for in cases with this design that are made out of plastic is how sharp that bottom lip feels. Since our phones now generally rest on our pinkies, that can get pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately, the iGlaze XT isn’t really sharp at all. If it was rounded it would be a hair more comfortable but you shouldn’t have any discomfort holding it as is.



Moshi iVisor Glass Screen Protector

The iVisor from Moshi is one of my favorite products they make. We’ve reviewed it before so here’s a taste from that:

“The iVisor by Moshi is hardly noticeable. In fact the screen protector is cut so perfectly that I have the black version on my white/gold iPhone and you can hardly tell it’s white without really looking hard at it. The screen protector covers the entire screen, rounded edges and all with small cut outs for the speaker, proximity sensor and home button.

I’ve mentioned it several times so far but the iVisor protects the entire screen and that is huge for the protection of the phone. Down the sides of the screen protector, it keeps the same color as the top and bottom (white and black available) and wrap around the rounded edges of the latest iPhones. Part of the issue with other protectors is that they can’t protect the areas that the iVisor expertly does.

If you’re like me and you don’t ever leave your phone without a case, there’s an added advantage of the iVisor. It’s just thick enough to come flush a small lip on a case while still protecting the screen from face down falls. I’m currently using the Caseology TPU case I reviewed a while ago and the screen protector is maybe a millimeter smaller. I love this feeling because it’s a lot like the feeling you get without any protection at all.”

In that review I went on to rate the Moshi iVisor a 9.4 out of 10 which is Excellent. I highly recommend taking a look at the iVisor. They make versions for the iPhone 6 in white and black, iPhone 6 Plus in white and black and several flavors of the MacBook Pro among many other products like the Note 4.


Moshi USB Cable With Lightning Connector

What can be said about Lightning Cables that hasn’t been said a thousand times? Well, if Moshi is producing one and charging more than the competition they must think they’re doing it better than everyone else. I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone that I agree.

Premium feeling materials and design are a couple of things that top my list of favorite things about this cable. Moshi is on a mission to beautify our lives with their products and that extends to an area that I never even considered: syncing and charging. I actually love how this fits in perfectly with the iLynx 3.0 hub I took a look at back in March. The two provide a really tight design on my desk where everything fits together nicely.

The cable comes in three colors; gold, black, and white to match your Apple device which creates a pretty nice look while you have it plugged in. I love the look of my gold iPhone 6 being charged by my lightning cable that has a gold connector. It looks like an extension of the phone. The heads of the cable are encased in aluminum which bodes well for durability compared to the plastic alternatives. It also comes with a velcro tie to keep the cable wrapped up and neat while not in use.

Simple And Beautiful

Moshi focuses on design and functionality unlike many other companies do. All three of the products I talked about don’t just serve a purpose at the lowest common denominator, but they enhance the look and function of my iPhone. You may pay a just a tad more for Moshi’s product, but you’re buying into products that are going to make you enjoy your iPhone more. And in a day and age where we’re constantly looking at our phones, what’s more important? Paying slightly less or making your phone look even better?

I know what I’d choose.

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