Last week, we took a look at the Moshi iGlaze Napa, and left a little hint that there is a bit more functionality built into that case. Well today, we are going to take a look at where the functionality comes into play with the iGlaze Ion.

The Moshi iGlaze Ion is a portable battery for your iPhone 6/6s that attaches to the back of the iGlaze Napa and charges your iPhone on the go. The iGlaze Ion features a 2,750 mAh battery which will charge your iPhone 6/6s up twice before needing to recharge the Ion itself.

Looking at the design of the iGlaze Ion, you’ll find an extremely sturdy construction, that also adds a bit of shock-absorption in the process. On the bottom you’ll find a speaker grille, the headphone jack port, and a micro-USB charging port. This is where you will recharge the Ion once it’s out of juice.

On the inside of the Ion, you’ll find a microfiber material that will protect the case that you are using with it, which will primarily be the Moshi iGlaze Napa. Additionally, you’ll find a little “hook” and this is where the Ion will attach to the Napa for you to actually charge your device on the go.

Moving to the back of the iGlaze Ion, it has a soft rubbery backing which gives you more grip while using your iPhone with the Ion attached. The Moshi logo is embossed at the bottom of this rubbery section, with the power indicator lights sitting just below it.

Moshi iGlaze Ion 2

Speaking of the power indicator lights, there are four lights in total, with a button that is offset to the right. Pressing the button performs two functions; turning the Ion on once your device is connected, and to check the battery level of the Ion. Sometimes this power indicator/power buttons are finicky when trying to turn the battery pack on, however that’s not the case with the Ion.

To make mention of one more feature of the Ion. Similar to the iGlaze Napa, the camera cutout at the top of the Ion, is custom designed to ensure that there are no white spots while trying to catch those great pictures that the iPhone 6/6s can provide. While this feature may seem a minute one, try using a case that doesn’t take the camera cut-out and the flash into consideration. Your pictures will be washed out, grainy, and just overall awful. Moshi ensures that your pictures will remain beautiful, and that your battery won’t die while trying to take that 4K video.

The Moshi iGlaze Ion is a great option to keep your iPhone charged on the go, and combined with the iGlaze Napa, this is one of the best case combinations on the market today. While the Ion and Napa will set you back a pretty penny, they are worth the cost for the fashion and function. Once you have jumped on board with the Moshi iGlaze Napa, you can grab the iGlaze Ion for $99.99 at the time of this writing.

What are some of your favorite battery cases? We know that Moshi isn’t one of the first companies to roll off the tip of the tongue, however, they are making a genuine push with quality products. So check out the iGlaze Napa and the iGlaze Ion, and give it a shot.

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Moshi iGlaze Ion


Design And Form Factor


Durability And Comfort




Battery Life


Ease Of Use





  • Great at giving your phone extra life
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Battery status easily displayed
  • Backing allows for easy handlign


  • Makes your phone a bit bulky
  • A bit awkward to use one-handed

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