Caseology’s TPU Slim Fit case has made me rediscover my love for budget TPU cases. Back in the days of the iPhone 3G and 3GS they were all the rage and I was firmly on that bandwagon. TPU cases are great because they’re cheap, colorful, slim and cheap. They’re also cheap. Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone 4 with it’s new design language, I’ve had a love hate relationship with cases. I’ve tried expensive ones, I’ve tried cheap ones. I’ve tried fashion cases, I’ve tried the strongest of the strong but I always shuttered them shortly after buying them option for the sexy feel of Apple’s industrial design. Until now.


iPhone 6 Caseology TPU 1

When you first see Caseology’s TPU cases you’ll probably think “Yeah, that looks fine” and not pay much more mind to it. The images on Amazon are a little misleading. This thing is definitely shiner than the matte appearance it has on Amazon. As a person who enjoys a good matte finish, that was a bit disappointing at first but I’ve really grown to enjoy how the case looks on my phone. I like the shine it has. I like the slight reflection that it gives off. It just looks cool. It does pick up some fingerprints from time to time but they’re easily wiped away with ease. The white version I have has a silver Caseology logo on the bottom corner of the back and it sits really well on the case. Caseology did an excellent job with their branding.

One of my bigger concerns with white cases like this is staining. We’ve seen reports of other cases, and phones, getting stained by jeans when in the pocket but we’re happy to report that the case looks just as good as when it was opened up for the first time. Another advantage to Caseology’s TPU cases are that they add almost no bulk to the phone while providing some good protection to dinks and dents. My iPhone doesn’t feel as sexy as it does when it has no case on it but at least it doesn’t feel bulky with it on. The cut outs are cut correctly and while the case may look pretty rigid when it’s on the phone, it’s not. It can easily be taken on and off with no problem.


To look at the Caseology TPU case you might think it feel… slimy? I’m not exactly sure of what most people would call it. Most people who’ve had several phone cases know what Thermoplastic Polyurethane at this point but I was surprised at how much grip I actually got out of it. Maybe it’s the shape of the phone and case but it feels really good in the hand. I have no problem using my phone one handed with this case. One of the bigger issue’s I’ve seen case manufacturers miss on is the cut outs on the bottom of the case. We almost all place our pinky there to hold our phone and sharp edges can kill an experience. Happily, this case exceeds our expectations on all counts here. It’s a joy to hold.

Coverage And Protection

iPhone 6 Caseology TPU 2

It seems over the course of reviewing several Apple accessories there are three trains of thought. One, the Apple approach leaves the top and bottoms open and all of the ports and switches uncovered. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have cases that cover everything except the lightning port, microphones, speaker, headphone jack and camera. Caseology followed an approach that splits the middle where they offer the protection of covering the top and bottom of the phone with nice cut outs for the lightning port, microphone, speaker, headphone jack and camera but they’ve also left open the volume buttons, mute switch and power button. This approach should really be appreciated because I think it’s the best of both worlds. No struggling to lock your phone because the material covering the power button doesn’t want to flex enough to contact it.

There’s a thin lip that comes over the screen to this low profile case. I don’t think you’re going to get much protection to down facing falls but you’ll get some to other kinds of falls. This isn’t an upper tier protection case that you can throw through walls but it’ll nicely protect from the falls of the bed or desk and prevent those dings in the aluminum casing of the iPhone 6. I appreciate the low profile of the case even if it doesn’t provide the most protection but I do wish the lighting port cut out was a little bigger. The third party Amazon Basic lightning cable I use at night snaps in with a satisfying click to charge my phone but anything bigger isn’t going to fit.

Caseology TPU Slim Fit Case Conclusion

As I stated in the title, I think this is the best budget case I’ve ever had. I routinely use it over the other cases I have. I’d consider it my “daily driver” so to speak. I don’t have any questions over the durability of this case. I don’t think it’s going to tear and I have no fear of it staining anymore. It adds a lot of grip to an otherwise slippery phone. It’s not so tight on the phone that it’s impossible to get off without breaking once it’s on, I case use it over top the D-Brand skin I keep on the back and it comes up to rest at a nice level with the iVisor Glass full coverage screen protector (stay tuned for a review on that!) I have on it.

I LOVE that they didn’t cover up the power button, mute switch and volume buttons. So many companies screw that up and make the case completely unusable. Buying a $30 case only to find out you can’t lock the screen is a major disappointment. You won’t find that here. I haven’t had any issues plugging in headphones due to the low profile of the case and my only annoyance is how tight the fit is on a third party charger. Seriously, if you’re looking for a good cheap case, buy this one. I just ordered the black one for myself.

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