If you just recently picked up an iPhone 8 Plus or have an older iPhone 7 Plus, then this post is for you. The awesome folks over at Incipio sent me a box full of cases to show off to each of you. Today I’m going to be showing off four of the cases they sent me for the iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus.

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Incipio Haven Case With Advanced Drop Protection

First two cases up on the list are the Incipio Haven Slim Case With Advanced Drop Protection. Incipio sent me two of these cases, one in a Plum color and one in a Pear color. The Haven Case for iPhone 8 Plus has a suspension padded interior to provide impact resistance finished with a coating to prevent dust and debris from scratching your device. These cases work with Qi wireless charging without any issues and will keep your device protected at all costs.

The Haven is a TPU style case but a bit harder shell than your regular TPU cases often have. This is my type of case as the Incipio Haven isn’t bulky at all, but yet there’s more than enough there to fully protect your device if and when you drop it from a few feet about the ground.

The Incipio Haven comes in several different colors and will only set you back $34.99 per case, though you can often find them slightly cheaper on Amazon.

Incipio NGP Flexible Shock Absorbent Case

The Incipio NGP case is a flexible TPU so it’s softer and more of what you normally see when you think of a TPU style case. The NGP comes in various colors as well for you to choose from which will most likely allow you have the look of your device that you’re really hoping to get. Throw in the fact that TPU is a good protector when it comes to drops, bumps and stuff like that, which means you’ve got a good solid case.

The Incipio NGP case will only set you back $19.99 each, so they are super affordable which means you could ultimately have one in each color so that you can have a different looking iPhone 8 Plus each day of the week.

Incipio Octane Shock Absorbing Case

The Incipio Octane case is probably my favorite of the iPhone 8 Plus cases that they sent over to me. It’s Incipio’s impact absorbing Octane Case is precision engineered with a rigid Plextonium polycarbonate back shell and a shock absorbent Flex2O TPU textured bumper. Finished with a hard shell back and contrasting colorful bumper, the Octane Case takes protection to the next level.

This is the case that has the most grip and just looks amazing on my iPhone 8 Plus, especially in the Sand color that they chose to send over to me. There are ten other colors that the Incipio Octane comes in as well so again, you shouldn’t have any problems deciding on a color that fits your style. The Octane is the mid-range case among these three different cases that they sent me and it will only set you back $24.99 which isn’t bad. You get a ton of protection from this case and you get a comfortable grip included with that case. Plus throw in the fact that it just looks super nice and clean regardless if it’s on your device or sitting in the box.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion you just can’t go wrong when it comes to cases from Incipio. They have so many different cases to offer that anyone can find the style, the look and the colors that fit them best. From a minimal TPU style case to more of the hard shell protective cases and beyond. Their cases are super affordable, often not going above the price of $40, though often cheaper than that, and they have quick shipping.

Throw in the fact that if you ever have any issues with their cases for your device, you can contact them and they will most certainly help you take care of that issue. Incipio is someone I trust when it comes to my devices and I feel you should do the same.

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