The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are beautiful phones. Many people love the redesign and use of premium materials. But one thing that Samsung seemed to sacrifice was battery life. Gone is the removable battery of old that let you swap out when you were running low. We do have modern conveniences like Quick Charging and Wireless charging but what are you to do if you’re away from a charger for the day and need to make sure you’re powered up?

One option may be the TYLT Energi battery case for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Tylt Energi

First things first, when you order this package you get the battery case but you also get two cases that slide into it. One for the S6 and one for the S6 edge so no matter which phone you have, this will work for you. If you decide that the Edge is just too sexy and you want to sell your regular S6 and pick one up, just swap out the case and you’re good to go.

The battery pack holds a charge of 3,400 mAh. Thats a full charge plus about 40% more battery. If your S6 gets you through an entire day, we’re talking about 2+ days with this thing on. And if you only want to charge when you get low, it’s easy to do. Just slide your phone out of the battery pack and you’re good to go.

Tylt Energi

There’s definitely some impact protection with this thing on too. It’s pretty heavy so it may have a bit more momentum built up when it hits the ground but the case is well made and thick so you should be set for anything but face down drops. Since the bottom of the case is covered, there are speaker grills that now come out of the front of the battery case that reroute the audio coming toward you. One thing that’s frustrating is the lack of audio jack extension in the box. Because of the extra bulk some headphone jacks are not going to work and in other battery cases you get an extension cord. You really need one here.

Another disappointing factor is just how big this thing is. It adds a lot of bulk. And weight. This definitely takes your sleek and sexy S6 or s6 Edge and turns it into more of a brick. It’s definitely a trade off for that extra battery. It isn’t a huge deal because you can pull the phone out of the battery case pretty easily once charged but using it while in there is a bit of a pain.

Tylt Energi

One thing TYLT definitely did right was adding Qi charging into the case. Not only can you use your Qi charger to charge up your phone but your case too. It reminds me a bit of the Incipio Offgrid which is a battery backup that you can charge using Qi technology.

So what’s the verdict on the TYLT Energi? Well, it’s big. It’s really useful but has some drawbacks. Unless you have a pair of headphones that has a long, straight jack, you’re out of luck. It’s bulk and heavy but you get a ton of battery life with it. You can take it out of the case easily if the bulk bugs you and only charge it when you want. And Qi charging is seriously awesome. I’d recommend picking one up if you’re fine with the few tradeoffs you’re going to have to make.

Product Page: Tylt Energi Battery Case

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