This is our second go with the Poetic Revolution. A while ago, we reviewed the same case but for the Nexus 6. While results were sort of mixed with the Nexus 6 version, we’re happy to say the skies are a bit more sunny on the iPhone 6 side of the of the fence. The Nexus 6 Revolution was plagued by making a big phone huge and while the iPhone version does add some bulk it’s not a significant amount. Read on to find out what we love, and what we don’t.

Look and Feel

Poetic Revolution iPhone

The Poetic Revolution for the iPhone 6 actually looks pretty good. The all black version that we’re reviewing has an industrial feel. You can definitely tell this is a protection first case instead of a fashion case. Poetic has done what it can here by giving us a cool industrial straight line design on the back of the phone with their logo centered in the back and a cutout for the camera that is just big enough to show off the color you chose for your iPhone. On the sides we have an opening for the mute switch with buttons covering the volume, power and the lightning port. The headphone jack, microphone and speaker are left uncovered.

The case makes the iPhone feel very solid. Like other case, I don’t think this totally solves bend-gate issues but I do think that you’re going to be well protected from falls and the body bending here. The cutouts for the home button, speaker, front facing camera and proximity sensor are all uncovered here but the cutouts are a bit high so while you can still use them, they look just a tad off if you stop to look at them for very long. The phone feels very nice to hold while in the Poetic Revolution due to the flat corners of the case instead of the rounded corners of the iPhone body. I definitely appreciate the added grip.


Poetic Revolution iPhone

Poetic advertises a hybrid TPU skin and polycarbonate frame to protect your phone. The TPU case definitely feels nice to hold and you’re going to be protected within it and the polycarbonate frame is rigid enough to protect against pressure on the frame and every day falls. The phone feels solid enough to be dropped from normal distances and not be damaged but from extreme drops may cause issues but we’re talking the most extreme circumstances. Scratches are no issue here with the case protecting the phone from every angle.

The Poetic Revolution has an included screen protector in the case. This will keep your phone safe from scratches to the screen and downward facing falls. Poetic says that the screen protector is water resistant but I wonder how much protection there actually is. The cutouts on the screen protector do leave the speaker and home button exposed so if you get much water in there, I doubt you’re going to be saving the phone. There is a flap to cover the lightning port which will help with dustproofing.


Poetic Revolution iPhone

The Poetic Revolution for the iPhone 6 is not going to win any beauty awards. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like the looks of the case but this is a protection case first and foremost. The embedded screen protector is great. There was a minor conflict with my tempered glass screen protector being underneath and the phone not picking up some touches but that’s going to be a pretty rare situation honestly. You’ll not pick up fingerprints on the case and maybe some on the screen protector but they’re easy to clear for a clean looking phone.

The Poetic Revolution makes the iPhone feel like it can withstand anything and offers some cool industrial design. You can get it in four colors on Amazon and it’ll run you $14.95.

Amazon: Poetic Revolution
Twitter: Poetic Cases

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