Pitaka has made the leap from single layer cases to a multi-material protective case in the new MagCase Pro for the iPhone X. Does the military spec testing grade matter? How bulky is it? Does it come in black? All these questions and more are answered below.


  • 5 layers of defense to provide the ultimate protection.
  • Protective yet not bulky. Only 0.1 inch profile.
  • Specially-designed bumper corners provide excellent shock-absorption.
  • Shock-resistant back protects the phone against shock.
  • Anti-slip grip ensures a firmer hold when carrying the phone.
  • No interference to WIFI, GPS, Apple Pay, Wireless charging or your signals.

The MagCase Pro is Pitaka’s latest product in their Mag line.  This line of products focuses around the ability to quickly and easily mount your phone or wallet using magnets.  They have products for the home and car to mount them.  The MagCase Pro is the more robust version of their phone case and features the same Aramid fiber as their other products.  Aramid not only looks great, but is also light and very strong.  Their previous cases were geared towards people looking for a lightweight and minimal case while the Pro version somewhat keeps this approach but does not hold back when it comes to protection.  The MagCase Pro utilizes numerous techniques to achieve this.

Pitaka MagCase Pro Image 1

I reviewed the MagCase for the iPhone X a month or so back and you can read that full review here: Pitaka iPhone X MagCase especially if you are looking for a case that is super thin and lightweight without the added extra protection that the Magcase Pro offers.

From a design perspective, let’s look at what you can see and feel. The website images show a protective case that adds some bulk and isn’t too dissimilar from the many protective cases out there, other than their distinctive Aramid material on the back. The box that showed up had me concerned as it felt pretty heavy. 180g on the scale. Opening the box however immediately assuaged my fears as the box is very overbuilt for a case and weighs 143g. If you’re doing the math that means the case is 37g.

The camera hole has a raised edge offering increased protection of the lens. The other three corners have small arcs raised to the same height so the phone sits totally flat on a table. This is probably one of the most important features to me personally as I take extra care any time I set my device down on a table or on any surface for that matter. Having these raised edges definitely helps protect the device more than most people understand.

The sides of the Pitaka MagCase Pro have slanted ridges on them to help with gripping the case itself. The spacing of these ridges provide a comfortable feel when holding the device to a point where you feel that you’re not going to drop it, not even accidentally.

The power and volume buttons all have great button actuation where you don’t have to press very hard, and you can feel that it pressed and registered. The cut-out for the ringer switch is a good size without being too deep. The bottom has cutouts for the speakers and for the mic and a charging port large enough for most cables while the top is nice and smooth. Those same four protruding corners come in handy while handling the phone.

Something of true interest here is the inside of the case itself. It has a soft microfiber material on it which most people will ask, why? The reason for this is since the back of the iPhone X is glass, this material helps protect that glass backing. Also to note is that the inner sides of the case have dimples on them. Those dimples make contact with your phone and compress on impact, which offers a bit of air cushion protection to help protect the device from being damaged if it is dropped.

Pitaka MagCase Pro Image 2

I usually enjoy cases from companies like Spigen who make a durable case that offers a ton of protection. Not because I drop my device often, as I’ve actually never dropped a mobile device(knock on wood) but I just like the look and feel of them. I want to make sure I have enough grip on my device so that I don’t accidentally drop it. While Spigen makes a great case, now that I’ve gotten the Pitaka MagCase Pro, I feel this is the case I want for all of my devices. So yeah, Pitaka, I’m going to be looking at you for when the Google Pixel 3 XL comes out here in a couple of months.

Pitaka claims that this case passes 3x the military specification standard. I don’t doubt the veracity of that claim at all. Does it matter? Or is mil-spec a relevant standard? That’s a little harder to quantify as it’s really hard to repeatably drop a device the exact same way. I’ve had cases before that have protected a device flipping off the roof of a car, yet shattering the screen when falling 3 feet from a table at a car dealer. What you can take away is that they’ve done a lot of drop testing and it’s done well.

In the end, I’m very happy and satisfied with the Pitaka MagCase Pro for the iPhone X and it’s now the case that I’ll be using as my daily driver going forward. The price of $49.99 might seem a bit expensive to some people but to me that isn’t an issue at all. I know I’m getting a case that will completely protect my device from most falls and if I were to drop it I know it would survive that fall with little to no damage at all.

Pitaka MagCase Pro Image 3

Currently the MagCase Pro only comes in one color option which is Black/Grey Twill. I would absolutely love to see this case offered in various other colors like the red/black twill that some of their other cases come in and hopefully that’s something they will work on for the future.

The fact that the case is extremely nice looking and has plenty of grip only adds to this and as I stated above, I’m hoping Pitaka will be making cases for the Google Pixel 3 XL and that they will be willing to send me one to review as well. Even if they don’t send me one, I’ll be purchasing one for that device as well.

Pitaka MagCase Pro For iPhone X


Design And Form Factor


Quality Of Protection







  • Minimal Bulk
  • Heavy Duty Protection
  • Comfortable To Hold
  • Slip Resistant


  • Only One Color Choice

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