The Pitaka Magcase for the iPhone X is one of the coolest cases I’ve used for the iPhone over the last few years. Most cases are either all TPU or a mix of Polycarbonate and TPU. The Pitaka Magcase is made from Aramid (similar to Kevlar) which means the Magcase is going to be tougher than other ultra thin cases.


With the Pitaka Magcase, there is a good chance that you’ll forget that you have a case on your iPhone X. It’s that thin and light. In fact, its one of the very few cases where the case is actually thinner than the iPhone. Which makes the Magcase closer to a skin than an actual case. It’s one of those things that you really need to experience it to fully understand.

The iPhone X fits the Pitika Magcase quite well, but the low edges means it will slide around when placed face down. The texture on the back of the case is quite nice as it has a soft-rubber coating to it which means it stays in your hands well but doesn’t pull out your pant pockets.

One thing to note about this case is when you go to remove it. Start removing it from the bottom of the case and not the top, or else your chances of breaking/cracking the case are more possible. Be extremely careful when removing it from around the power button, as this seems to be its weakest point.

Pitaka iPhone X Magcase Image 2


I didn’t have any issues accessing the iPhone in the Pitaka Magcase. It doesn’t get in the way of any access since it doesn’t really cover much on the device. The only other thing we will point out is that the camera area is raised so you’re iPhone’s lens isn’t scraping whatever surface you’ve placed the device on.

An important piece of functionality of the Magcase is that it will work without any issues if you use the wireless charging that the iPhone X has built into it. Obviously with as thin as this case is, that’s exactly why you can just set your iPhone X with Magcase in place directly onto a wireless charging pad and know that your device is going to charge.

Due to how thin the case is, it’s strongly recommended that you be extremely careful to not drop the device. This case isn’t going to protect the device from an extreme drop, but will do a good job if it’s just a simple, small drop. It’s more for the great looks and feel of the case than anything else.

Pitaka iPhone X Magcase Image 1

Final Thoughts

The Pitaka Magcase comes in about 7 different colors which his super nice so you’re not stuck with a black or gray colored case if those aren’t colors you aren’t fond of. The price is a bit expensive for a case, especially since it isn’t going to offer you much protection from daily drops, but for the quality of the case and how nice it looks and feels, $49.99 isn’t too shabby of a price.

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Pitaka however, they have provided me with a 10% savings code if you want to purchase one of these great cases of theirs. During checkout, just apply the code HelloPITAKA and you’ll instantly save 10%.

I really like the Aramid that it’s made from and something that I’d like to see other case companies work with in the future, assuming they can get it right the way that Pitaka does.

Pitaka iPhone X Magcase


Design And Form Factor


Quality Of Protection







  • Incredibly Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Unique Material
  • Multiple Colors
  • Includes Screen Protector
  • Can Protect Your Device From Daily Drops


  • High Priced(Coupon Code Above)

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