I must admit, I really haven’t done a review of a case for an iPhone in quite some time. Normally I hold out until I uncover one that does something innovative or truly makes it worth having. I look at things like cases with batteries, solar-powered battery cases, waterproof cases or cases offering wireless charging (like Qi-enabled ones). And honestly, I was a bit reluctant to review the Pitaka Aramid iPhone 7 Plus case simply because it appeared to be “just another case.” It isn’t.

First, the case is pretty good looking. It has a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. I chose the Black and Red Twill color scheme. While subtle from a distance, the pattern definitely jumps out up close. What really stood out, however, was not only how light-weight this case is, but also how thin it is. It weighs less than 10 grams (that’s really light), and it is only 0.65 mm thin so you pretty much only have a slightly larger size as compared with a naked iPhone 7. It slips onto the iPhone 7 Plus (or 7) quite easily and snuggly and curves to the edges of my iPhone 7 Plus without any issues.

One of my big tests; the “sliding across concrete face down” test; I think would just barely pass. This is a common scenario that people should look for, I feel. The idea is, if you put your iPhone face down and slid it along the ground, would the glass face get scratched or damaged in any way. I would say this might be a bit questionable with the Pitaka Aramid case because it is so thin. The bezel only comes up ever so slightly. This may raise red flags if it were not for the fact that Pitaka includes a glass-like screen protector to completely cover the screen. So, for my slide test, the screen protector would get the bulk of the damage.

What Is Aramid?

According to Wikipedia, Aramid fibers are “a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. They are used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic-rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites, in bicycle tires, and as an asbestos substitute.” So that sounds strong, although I’m not going to try to stop bullets or anything with this case.

Pitaka is quick to point out that Aramid fibers are quite different than Carbon fibers. Carbon fiber cases are extremely popular. But, according to Pitaka, you should be careful when choosing a Carbon fiber case. While Carbon fiber is used for ballistics composites like bullet-proof vests and body armor, it is potentially not as well suited for smartphone cases as Aramid is. You probably have heard of Kevlar…Kevlar is a type of Aramid. Aramid fibers can be dyed and woven (thus making it good for phone cases among other things). Pitaka has a fairly comprehensive article comparing Carbon with Aramid/Kevlar fibers.

Solid Protection

While the Pitaka Aramid case might be super slim and super thin, it definitely protects the device at least from scratches, dents, dings and that sort of thing. It’s not a case that will help protect the device from drops and similar mishaps, but it’ll take a bit of the brace from directly hitting the phone.

For me, I switch between cases often, depending on if I’m staying around the house or if I’m going out and about into town or whatever. That way I have a phone case that will help protect my phone against drops in case someone runs into me while I’m on the phone checking my social media. If I’m at home I’ll leave something like the Pitaka Aramid case on my device for a couple of days since I know I don’t really have to worry about bumps and bruises and such.

Final Thoughts

For me the Pitaka Aramid is a solid winner of a case to have on my iPhone 7 Plus. It’s super slim and thin and adds no bulk at all to the device and that is often important and something I really enjoy. The case itself has a beautiful pattern to it and just works for me right out of the box. While I know $39.96 might seem a bit expensive for something so small and compact, and that doesn’t protect from drops and such, to me I have no issues with the price. I’m one who takes very good care of my device and luckily I’ve yet (knock on wood) to drop one or even crack/damage one so small, thin cases like this work for me majority of the time.

If you’re the same way as I am, then the Pitaka Aramid will definitely be a case for you to check out. They do have several different colors and patterns to choose from so you won’t be forced using something you don’t particularly enjoy, looks wise.

Pitaka Aramid iPhone 7+ Case


Design And Form Factor


Quality Of Protection







  • Several Color Choices
  • Very Slim
  • Minimal Bulk


  • A Bit Pricey

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