We’re big fans of Phantom Glass here at TechDissected. Not only do they sponsor our favorite Linus but they make really high quality screen protectors. And they’re Canadian. Who could hate a Canadian? This is Phantom Glass’ second run at screen protectors for the iPhone 6. Their first offering while high quality had some drawbacks, namely the fact that there was part of the facing not covered screen protector.

Phantom Glass Edge to Edge

Enter the Edge to Edge screen protector for the iPhone 6. Made out of tempered glass and measuring in at a really thin 0.2mm Phantom Glass has set themselves to compete with others making edge to edge screen protectors like Moshi. And with a no-hassle lifetime warranty, how could you go wrong?

I don’t know if Phantom Glass started the trend of applying screen protectors in a tray or they jumped on the trend but I love it. This makes applying something that needs to be placed on precisely so simple. Just do some peeling and placing and you’re set to go. I normally have my wife apply all my screen protectors because I am a bit (check that, a huge) klutz and she remaked how easy this makes applying them using this method.

Phantom Glass Edge to Edge

Now, you may be wondering, if something is only 0.2mm thin, how could it possibly protect my phone from scratches and falls. And while I have no idea of the technical reasons, it absolutely does. As stated above, I’m a bit of a klutz and while I try to take care of my phones, I do tend to drop them on the corners of tables and desks at an alarmingly high rate. I’ve not had one issue since I applied the Phantom Glass Edge to Edge screen protector. I definitely feel like my phone is safer with this on and it looks great too.

When you purchase your screen protector from Phantom Glass you’ll have two options, white and black. The reason for this is because the glass covers the entire front of the screen, not just part that displays the pretty pictures of cats you’re browsing on Reddit. The screen protector will cover the entire face with cutouts just big enough for the home button, front facing camera, speaker and proximity sensor so there are no issues with functionality.

Phantom Glass Edge to Edge

There are a couple advantages to having a full coverage screen protector like this. The first being, if you’re like me, and regret the color choice you’ve made, you generally don’t have to face that mistake every time you look at your phone. When my gold iPhone 6 has the black Phantom Glass Edge to Edge screen protector on and the Caseology TPU case I use as my daily driver, you can’t tell there’s anything white on this thing at all. After looking at my phone like this, I wonder why Apple won’t offer a black and gold version.

Really the only downsides I can come with are that sometimes you’ll find a bit of dirt on the sides of the screen protector and dust can be hard to get out of the speaker opening. These aren’t huge annoyances and almost never happen. There is a dip where the home button is since it’s no longer flush with the screen and I personally enjoy this as it’s much easier to find the home button but I have had friends tell me that it annoys them.

All in all, I think the Phantom Glass Edge to Edge screen protector is one of the best on the market and definitely worth your money. You can buy it on Phantom Glass’ website, which is probably the coolest url out there, or on Amazon. We’ll be giving away an Edge to Edge screen protector for the iPhone 6 so keep your eyes peeled for that giveaway.

Twitter: Phantom Glass
Amazon: Phanton Glass Edge to Edge Product Page

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