When the iPhone 6 launched, many people were excited for the bigger 4.7″ screen but Apple, instead of adding a much bigger battery to compensate decided to keep the phone slim and sexy and put in a marginally bigger battery. This has caused many people to seek out power alternatives ranging from external battery packs to cases with batteries built right into them. Mota has hit the market with their Mota Extended Battery Case priced cheaper than some cases that lack the battery feature. Very impressive stuff but with the low cost comes compromises.

Mota Extended Battery case

The Mota Extended Battery Case extends your battery by about double. The iPhone 6 version packs in 2,400 mAh while the iPhone 6 Plus extended battery case has a 4,000 mAh battery incorporated in it giving you a the ability to charge your phone 1.3 times. The Mota Extended Battery Case comes in two parts with a backing that houses the external battery and a plastic casing that feels cheap to the touch. Sacrifices must be made to keep down costs but I do wish the plastic surrounding the front of the case was a bit stronger. When by itself it could easily be snapped without much force. I don’t have high confidence that it’ll survive many falls and without it the case is almost useless.

Since the speaker of the iPhone is covered up by the case there are two grills on the bottom front of the case for the sound to escape. The sound quality isn’t as good as it was without the Mota Extended Battery Case on but it’s passable. I’m not reaching to take the case off when I watching YouTube videos or listen to music but it’s something that could be improved. You’ll need the included adapter if you want to use your headphones since the case is deep enough for normal cables not to reach. On the back of the case, the entire top is cut out. The battery slopes to an end to reveal a long cut out for the camera, flash and microphone. The backing of the case isn’t the strongest of material but it’ll get by. Mine is a bit scratched up after about 4 days of use throwing it in my bag and the center console of my car.

Mota Extended Battery case

I really like the ability to charge the battery while charging your phone. The battery case was pretty low when I first got it so I plugged it in and the phone charged up while the case did too. This is pretty convenient if you’re stopping in somewhere for lunch and want to top off both your battery case and your phone while you grab a bite to eat. I definitely think this case’s biggest strengths will show while traveling. Not having to stop and recharge a couple times a day while you’re out snapping pictures and using GPS is a real asset. This can be accomplished with an external battery pack but I prefer to worry about one thing (the battery case) over a phone, battery pack and cable to connect them.

Overall I think Mota has put together a good product for the price. This is definitely targeted for those who are looking for a cheap battery pack without high end materials who just need something that will work. It’s not the sturdiest of cases and the battery isn’t the biggest but it will definitely get the job done and look pretty decent doing it. Be careful if you have an edge to edge screen protector already installed. I had a Moshi iVisor on my phone and when trying to put the case on, it cracked it but other than that I see no significant downsides to the case if you keep in mind it’s price point.

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