Some products are so simple you wonder why you hadn’t thought of that yet. Moshi’s Palmguard for the Macbook Pro is one of those. I have a Retina MacBook Pro 13” and since this is the most expensive computer I’ve bought I’m pretty worried about keeping it in great shape so it’ll last as long as it can and so it’ll hold it’s value. When I do decide to upgrade in a few years, I want this to be in as good of shape as it possibly can be so I can get the most for it.

The Moshi Palmguard covers everything under the keyboard, Trackpad included. It’s a very thin skin that sticks directly to the aluminum frame of your computer. It’s softer than the aluminum so while it protects what’s underneath, it makes it a little more comfortable to rest your wrists on the computer too. Moshi says it’s wear resistant too so this should last for as long as you want it there.

A really nice thing about the Palmguard is that it matches the look of your macbook perfectly. If you didn’t know to look for it, you probably wouldn’t notice it’s there at all. And since it is made to protect your Macbook from oils and dirt, it’s easy to just clean it right off.

With the Palmguard comes a Trackguard too. Trackguard goes onto your trackapad and performs the same functions of the Palmguard. It keeps your trackpad clear of dirt and oils while still letting you use the trackpad the exact same way you did without it on. There’s no reduction in functionality. Be careful while you’re putting it on. It’s a bit like adding a screen protector to a phone. It’s possible to get bubbles under there. I actually had some bubbles under there but didn’t really notice because I was still using my computer as normal. I just peeled it up and reapplied it.

My biggest fear besides it affecting the function of how I used my computer was it leaving a residue on there if I took it off. Luckily Moshi thought of this and there’s nothing left behind if you peel it up.

Honestly, when I wrap up these reviews I try to highlight both the positives and the negatives but I really don’t have any negatives here. It does exactly what it says it’s going to do, looks great and doesn’t diminish the functionality of your computer. What more could you ask for?

Product Page: Moshi Palmguard

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