I’ve put a screen protector on almost every phone I’ve ever owned. The phones I didn’t have one on paid the price. So, when the good people at Moshi offered to let me take a look at the iVisor AG for the Retina Macbook Pro I caught myself wondering why anyone would need a screen protector on their computer. The Macbook pro doesn’t have a touch screen and unless you’re using it the screen isn’t exposed. And it’s normally not exposed when you’re pulling it out of your bag or wherever you’re storing it so why would I need one?

Moshi iVisor AG

Then I watched as my very sweet three year old daughter walked up to our fish tank with a paint brush and decided that she liked it better in a shade of red. Now, I don’t think my kid would ever do that to my computer but my point is that the unknown is why this thing is now on my computer. A thrown toy, a dropped phone, whatever I can’t even imagine. Statistically, something is going to hit my screen and I’d much rather be protected when that comes up.

The iVisor AG is up to the task. There’s a minimal impact to brightness and except for the small cut out around the webcam, I can’t even tell it’s on right now. The cut is perfect so it covers no part of the screen and covers up all of the black bezel around it. The black isn’t nearly as shiny as it is on the Macbook so there is a bit of a matte effect there but I actually find it quite pleasing.

And if you get it dirty, you can just pull it off and wash it. You do need to be careful that you don’t crease the iVisor AG though because that will affect the clarity. Once it’s clean just put it back on and you’re good to go. Moshi says they guarantee bubble free application and while I’ve only applied it once I had zero issues with it.

So, negatives? There is a slight impact on brightness and clarity but honestly I’m really stretching with that. When I said I can’t tell it’s on there unless I’m looking directly looking at the webcam I’m dead serious. Set it and forget it.

Product Page: Moshi iVisor AG (Retina Macbook Pro)

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