Last week we reviewed the Moshi Palmguard which protects your Macbook Pro from dirt, oil and scratches on everything below the keyboard. Today we’re going to focus in on that keyboard with the Clearguard from Moshi. The Clearguard is an ultra thin cover to place over your keyboard to protect it from spills and dirt that can get in between your keys and get into the computer. Once moisture gets down there, you’re in trouble. I once had a laptop that I completely fried by knocking over a glass of water onto it. I wish I had one of these back then.

The Clearguard is, like you might think, completely clear. It’s plastic so it has that look to it a bit but you can easily see through it to see your keys and the backlighting on your keyboard. It’s cut so it rests on top of the keys but also falls down into the spaces between to rest on the aluminum. It’s no surprise to me that Moshi has got the fit absolutely perfect. They make really high quality products and I expect a perfect cut here.

Typing with it on isn’t as easy as with it off but there’s not that much difference. It takes some getting used to but after you’re used to it, you’re good to go. It’s kind of like a screen protector on a phone. It may not look exactly like stock when it’s on but it does a really important job and once you get used to it, you don’t even notice anymore.

Moshi Clearguard

Moshi did the little things right here. Everything down to having little chicklets on the F and J keys so you can find your place exist on this protector. Many others don’t have this feature and for those of us who type without look all the time, little things like this are really important. Also, if you get dirt or spill a drink on this, it’s completely washable and reusable.

I really like the Moshi Clearguard. Once I got use to it being there, I stopped noticing it. Most of the time my computer is hooked up to a monitor at home and I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse but when I leave the house I absolutely make sure I have the Cleaguard with me. I’d rather not have to buy a brand new laptop and lose all my data because someone lost their balance at Starbucks.

Product Page: Moshi Clearguard

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