I’ve had my iPhone 6 now for several months and while I don’t use it all day every day, I do use it quite a bit and especially while I’m at work. Having my iPhone at work means I need to make sure it’s got the best protection all around since I work on a grill in a restaurant and constantly have grease on my hands. This means the chances of me dropping my iPhone is pretty great and due to how easy it seems to be able to break an iPhone screen, I need a good screen protector. With that being said, I’ve tested a few screen protectors for my iPhone and today I’m going to test yet another one. This one is the iLoome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector in black that they were so kind to send over to me.

Features And What’s In The Box

What’s In The Box: One(1) Tempered glass screen protector, instructions, microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol prep wipe, and dust removal stickers all inside of an eco-friendly retail packaging.

  • STRONGER THAN EVER: 9H hardness multi-layered shatterproof 0.33 mm thick premium Japanese ASAHI glass provides maximum durability, high impact shock absorption, scratch resistance, and user safety without sacrificing touch sensitivity and optical transmittance.
  • IMPROVED FEEL: Maintains 99% touchscreen response accuracy; oleophobic coating repels oil from fingerprints and makes cleaning effortless; 2.5D rounded and polished beveled edges reduce chipping and give you a smooth grip for seamless feel integration.
  • ORIGINAL LOOK: You’ll forget it’s there; other people won’t notice it. Precise fit, flawless color integration, 99% transparency, cutouts for the front camera, both light and proximity sensors, speaker, and home button preserve the original aesthetics of your phone without interfering with functionality.
  • CASE COMPATIBILITY: We listened! Coverage extends to 0.1 mm away from the edges to ensure that more cases fit properly without unsettling the flush bubble-free application. The colored edges blend so seamlessly your phone will look fully covered.
  • SIMPLE, EASY, STRESS-FREE: Bubble-free one-touch installation, silicone adhesive leaves no residue. iloome guarantees 100% customer happiness; that’s why every product is warranted against factory defects for LIFETIME.


Screen protectors for the most part are all about the same especially as far as their purpose and how you apply them and for the most part how they look on the device itself. The main purpose for a screen protection is obviously the protection it provides to use for our devices. In some cases this is true about the iLoome ScreenMate, however there are a few things that make it stand out from other screen protectors in my opinion.

iLoome Tempered Glass Featured Image

First is that the iLoome ScreenMate offers edge-to-edge protection which is the most important thing to me with any screen protector I acquire and choose to use on my devices. The edge-to-edge protection guarantees that your entire screen is covered and protected by the iLoome ScreenMate from everything such as dirt, grease as well as it helps protect your device in the event that you do drop it.

The iLoome ScreenMate also comes in different colors to match the color of your iPhone. I have a white and gold colored iPhone, so obviously white would look best on mine but unfortunately iLoome was out of the white ones so they sent me two black ones for now and will be sending me a couple of the white ones as soon as they come back in stock.


As we all know, screen protectors can be a real pain in the ass to get installed onto the device and to have them perfectly lined up the way they need to be so they don’t block or cover something like the front facing camera, the speakers or whatever else. It’s also quite difficult to get them installed without bubbles or without having dust underneath it which also causes the screen protector to not sit perfectly flat on the screen of the device.

With the iLoome ScreenMate, I discovered that getting it aligned was pretty simple mainly due to the edge-to-edge coverage so there’s really no extra space on any of the edges or sides for you to improperly stick the screen protector to the screen. I also managed to get all the dust removed from the device prior to installation thanks to the dust removal stickers, alcohol prep wipe and the dust cleaning cloth that iLoome included with the product.


This of course is the most important part of the review of the iLoome ScreenMate tempered glass screen protector as we all want to know if it really protects the device completely or not. Since I work in a restaurant as I mentioned above, I do often have grease on my hands so grabbing my iPhone 6 can lead to disaster at times when pulling my phone out of my pocket. I have often dropped my phone either onto the bare concrete floor or onto various other surfaces and have done so since applying the iLoome ScreenMate screen protector. Thankfully, due to the 9H hardness that iLoome provides in this product, my screen has stayed in tact without a single chip, scratch or crack.

iLoome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Image 1

One thing to note is that I do also keep an UrbanArmorGear case on my iPhone 6, so that helps absorb some of the impact when it hits the floor, which also helps keep the screen in tact. However, even with a case on your device, if and when a phone falls and it lands right on the edge or a corner onto concrete, without a screen protector your device is much more likely to crack its screen.

Final Thoughts

The iLoome ScreenMate tempered glass screen protector has become one of my favorites for all of the reasons I mentioned above. The edge-to-edge protection, ease of use and installation, overall looks and of course the protection it provides for if and when I drop my device. All of this is available at a price of $19.99 for the white version and $24.99 for the black version which you can find listed in the links below. This is one screen protector I hope to have on all of my devices soon as well as any new devices such as the new Motorola Moto X 2015 that’s coming out a bit later this year.

Website: iLoome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector(Arctic White)
Website: iLoome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector(Black)
Product: iLoome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector(Arctic White)
Product: iLoome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector(Black)

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