Phone protection is important when you’re paying upwards of $700 for a phone or locked into a two-year contract with hefty buyouts. If you break your phone there are only a few options and none of them are cheap. So i-Blason is here to save the day with their water resistant full body protective case. The case has many advantages that we’ll delve into but is using your phone still a good experience in this case? And can the water resistant case stand up to its bigger, and much higher priced rivals?


i-Blason Water Resistant Case  layers

Normally we start our case reviews with Look and Feel but I feel like the i-Blason’s main selling point is its excellent protection. The headlining feature is obviously it’s water resistance. Notice that this is water resistance, not waterproof. There’s a big difference there. i-Blason includes this disclaimer on their website:

Warning: This case is not a sealed water proof case. Do not submerge in water or submit to prolonged exposure to moisture

Unlike a waterproof phone or case, there is no rating for how long you can get your phone wet and at what depth. This is not what this case is designed for. This case is designed to protect your phone from splashes and spills that would otherwise ruin the insides of your phone. I’ll probably be using this case at the beach, not because I want to take my phone in the water with me but I don’t want to have to worry about grabbing my phone for a quick picture if I have wet hands.

The case has cut outs for your home button so your fingerprint scanner still works in addition to a cut out around the camera sensor which sets flush with the case and ear piece with a grill cut out for the speaker. The case covers power buttons with TPU material and the front facing camera and sensors with a clear plastic layer so that they will function  while still being protected. There are flaps on the bottom of the phone so you can access the power port and headphone jack. Additionally there are two openings on the top of the case for the microphone and IR blaster that are covered with the same clear material that covers the front facing camera.

The case is definitely hefty. It’s a dual layer case that has a hard shell that cradles your phone and a soft TPU that surrounds the shell, the back and sides of your phone. Embedded into the hard shell is a plastic screen protector that will pick up fingerprints but won’t add much friction to your finger movement. The screen protector is fine for a case like this since you’re not going to be able to have tempered glass but you’ll definitely cleaning it off from time to time. The case is thick enough to withstand falls but not so thick that it will interfere with your wireless charging. Additionally the port cut outs are big enough to work with most, if not all charging cables and headphone jacks.

Look And Feel

i-Blason Water Resistant Case covers

i-Blason has done an admirable job trying to take a case based around protection and trying to make it look good. This water resistant case isn’t super bulky like other cases can be but it definitely does add some bulk. It will feel much more solid in your hand instead of the slim and sexy S6 that you once knew. Normally I hate cases adding bulk but if I’m going to get the protection that this one provides, I don’t mind it as much. There are always trade offs.

The case doesn’t make the phone feel significantly heavier but you will notice the weight difference if you’re really looking for it. The shipping weight for this case is only 2.1 ounces which I believe includes the eco-paper box and extra backing. Speaking of backing, the review unit we were sent has come with three different backs: Gold, silver and Space Grey. Sound familiar? Yeah they’re exactly the same as the colors on the iPhone. The space grey backing goes best with my black S6 but honestly you’re not seeing much of your black bezel of your S6 so you can’t tell that they’re two different colors unless you make a point of it. The silver and gold are what they are. It all comes down to personal preference.


i-Blason Water Resistant Case front and back

The i-Blason Water Resistant Full Body Protective Case is really good at what it says it does. If you think you can go swimming with your phone and this case will protect you, you’re crazy. This is definitely to add some protection against spills and minor splashes and the case is tight enough to handle those types of water incidents. The screen protector and full body coverage protect your phone from scratches and the flaps covering the micro usb port and headphone jack will do an excellent job protecting the phone from dust and dirt build up.

If you can deal with some bulk and you’re looking for this type of protection, it’s a good case. It won’t be for everyone due to the bland design, bulk and plastic screen protector but those who this case will appeal to should love it! You can pick up the i-Blason Water Resistant Full Body Case with three interchangeable backings from Amazon for only $14.99.

Product Page: i-Blason Water Resistant Case
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