The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most beautiful phones on the market and the Griffin Reveal only aims to make it better With a tough bumper frame and a clear back for easy viewing of the sexy blue/black glass Griffin has made some excellent choices with the Reveal. But this is the Samsung flagship phone for this year, there are going to be a TON of cases for it. Can the Griffin Reveal stand out among the rest?

Look and Feel

Griffin Reveal

The Griffin Reveal is an ultra-thin hard-shell case that features a clear polycarbonate back and grippy rubber edges that do wonders for holding onto this slippery phone. One of the things you realize when check this case out is how thin it really is. Griffin lists it as 1.6mm thick and I definitely believe it. There’s as little bulk added to the phone as possible.

The back frankly looks great. The black rubber edges reach to the back to frame out the backing of the phone. The dark black edges against the blue/black backing of the phone gives a nice effect that actually makes the back of the phone look even more impressive. The clear polycarbonate backing is a tricky one. I love that you can see through it to see the design of the phone but it gets marked up pretty easily. From only a few days of use I have about a dozen scratches and I’m pretty careful with my phones even with cases and screen protectors on.


The rubber sides of the case are going to have your back in case of a fall. Now, we don’t suggest you avoid getting some protection in the way of accidental coverage protection JUST because you have this case but for most falls, you’re going to be fine. The case comes up over the front of the screen just a little bit. It’s not a big lip but even if you’re rocking a tempered glass screen protector, there will be a very small lip to help in face down falls.

I think the biggest selling point in the protection section is the scratch resistance the Griffin Reveal is going to provide. If nothing else, this case has proved to me that I need to keep something on the back of my phone at all times to protect it. The dozen or so scratches I’ve picked up on the Griffin Reveal already show that it’s a dangerous world out there for glass backed phones and they shouldn’t go alone.


The Griffin Reveal case is a really good option right now. The clear back and rubber edges provide for a nice look at the phone without being too minimalistic and useless. I wish the backing was a little more scratch resistant because the scatches do ruin the illusion a bit but I’m really happy those scratches are on the case and not my phone.

You can pick up the Griffin Reveal for $19.99 on Amazon!

Product Page: Griffin Reveal
Twitter: Griffin Technology

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