When you’re searching for a case, do you want a generic case that everyone has or do you want something that stands out? Do you want something unique? Well Adopted may just have the answer for you. Today we’re taking a look at their Soho Wrap and Soho Folio cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6. We previously took a look at Saddle leather and Leather Folio case for the iPhone 6 and those were definitely unique cases. Adopted has used the same formula here but with a different material that makes all the difference.

Adopted Soho Wrap back

The first thing you’re going to notice about the Adopted Soho cases is the heather woven fabric that covers them. It really looks fantastic. On the Wrap case, the woven material covers the entire backing and comes up the sides so there are no areas on the case that don’t feature the material. On the Folio case the same formula is used and on the front of the case, not only is it covered with the fabric but there’s also an Adopted logo at the bottom. This logo is found on the back of the Soho case and doesn’t look out-of-place. As far as logos on cases go, this is one of the better implementations out there.

In addition to how the great the material looks, it feels great too. There’s enough texture to give it an interesting feel to the fingers but it’s not so busy as to be distracting or annoying. The fabric is set around a nice black case that outlines all of the lines around the case. It’s a nice complement that adds just enough character without taking away from the look of the case. The case isn’t the strongest thing in the world and without the phone in the case you can flex it a little bit. This isn’t going to provide a ton of protection but will definitely help absorb shocks from smaller falls and keep the back and sides of the phone scratch free while looking good in the process.

Adopted Soho Folio Front

There are cut outs for the camera on the back, volume buttons and power button on their respective sides. The top and bottom of the case are left open much like the design of the Apple leather case (and many others). While I’m not in love with an open design on the top and bottom it does make it easy to swap out cases if that’s your thing and get to the micro USB port. And the fact the case is thin doesn’t interfere with wireless charging at all. On the Folio case there’s a slot inside the front flap to keep a credit card or license if you’re out on the town but I wish that there was a securing mechanism to actually keep the flap closed, like a battery or clasp.

It’s hard to find many flaws with these cases. They really look fantastic and provide a little bit of protection, especially the folio case. Given the choice I’d take the Soho line over the leather line from Adopted due to how it looks and how easy it was to get the leather dirty. I don’t think there will much issue with staining on the Soho line of cases but it seems like an easy clean if you happne to get it dirty. If you’re looking for a case that looks great, you should definitely give these a look.

Product Page: Adopted Soho Wrap Case
Product Page: Adopted Soho Folio Case

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