When it comes to iPhone cases, if your taste is slim you’ll find the Totallee cases attractive. Offering three models, ranging from slim 0.06″ thin (Doberman) to 0.04″ ultra thin (Spy) to downright disappearing 0.02″ (Scarf), the Totallee cases are well designed to protect your iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 Plus (my current device) from scratches, scuffs and small bumps that it might suffer in your bag or on your desk. The rubbery plastic also provides better grip than the slippery naked iPhone, and the thickest model, the Doberman, even has enough height on the front to elevate the screen from flat surface. I look at the Spy case which offers the balance of protection and being very slim.

Totallee Spy Case

The Totallee Spy comes in clear thermoplastic polyurethane that’s flexible and scratch resistant. The case is thick enough that it’ll protect your phone from key scratches, some bumps from your other gear and it’ll even absorb some shock force. The case covers the back, sides and all corners of the iPhone 7 Plus, and the front edges on the Spy are just high enough to be slightly taller than the iPhone’s display. If you need a higher barrier, the Doberman case offers higher edges; and if you need less, the Scarf case doesn’t offer any. The Spy is flexible, and it’s very easy to install and take off. The Spy comes in clear, while the Doberman comes in black, and the Scarf comes in several tinted colors.

The Spy enhances the grip of the phone thanks the material and the ridge that lines the bottom edges of the phone. The case covers the control buttons on the iPhone 7 Plus, including the power button and volume buttons, protecting them from wear and tear. The button covers feel very tactile and easy to operate. It has cutouts for the silence slider, the bottom audio ports and the Lightning connector and the rear camera cluster. The cutout for the camera and the dual flash is just large enough to give the lens full view and allow the flash to fully illuminate.

If you’re looking for a case that’s barely there but still able to protect your phone from scratches and provide better grip, the Spy might just be the thing. It’s more than serviceable on both fronts, and it’s well made. The case is form fitting and easy to use. We like the covered buttons and precise cutouts. The Spy case is available for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus and the iPhone 5/5S/5SE.

Totallee Doberman Case

If you love the design of your new iPhone 6s and want to keep it shiny and scratch-less like new, then do yourself and your device a favor and buy a case for it. When it comes to cases there are many options out there, which offer different levels of protectiveness. Some iPhone cases focus more on the looks while sacrificing on amount of protection they provide, while others tend to be thicker and more robust to ensure maximum security from all sides. Today we are going to review Totallee’s The Doberman case for you, which focuses more on the protection than the looks while still managing to look decent.

The Doberman comes in black color and is available for iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus as well as the iPhone 7/7 Plus and the older iPhone 5/5S/5SE. It covers the iPhone from all possible sides and features minimal cut outs for the camera, iconic Apple logo, speaker, headphone jack/mic, silent button and the lightning port. Apart from that the case fully covers the device, which includes the power and volume buttons. It even has raised lips on the front, so your device’s screen won’t touch the surface if you put the iPhone on the table upside down or drop it in that angle. This is something every iPhone case should do, but sadly that’s not the case.

When it comes to the build, The Doberman is constructed to protect. It is made up of a thick rubber material, which gives decent protection from daily wear and drops, albeit makes the device look thicker. Despite being tough The Doberman is made up of soft material that not only gives a nice feel in hand but also provides good grip. Since iPhone 6s and devices with similar design tend to be slippery, having this case on will result in less accidental drops.

While I like the look and feel of the case, and the fact that it does a really good job at protecting the iPhone from all sides, there are some undesirable issues as well. Since the case features a cut out for the headphone jack, this will cause problems for some users who own certain third-party headphones. I tried headphones from Apple’s Beats brand and the audio plug won’t go inside despite our best efforts. This is not limited to a single model as we had the same problem with Beats Solo2 and urBeats. Both of which feature different styles of audio plugs. Although stock Earpods don’t have this problem, this is going to be a big issue for users who prefer using third-party headphones.

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