Moshi’s iVisor Glass Screen Protector solves a big problem for people with newer phones. The trend has recently been to put curved glass on the front of phones (Note 4, iPhone 6) which creates a huge problem for screen protectors. You’re either forced into a jelly protector that will stretch but provides little protection and big annoyance. Or a tempered glass screen protector that doesn’t fit the entire screen and can add a halo to your screen during install. Moshi has solved this by coming out with one of (if not the) first glass screen protectors that cover the entire phone, rounded edges and all.

Looks and Feel

One of my biggest issues with past screen protector is the halo’ing issue I mentioned above. You can lose some of your precious screen real estate and it just doesn’t look good. The Moshi iVisor screen protector looks great. Not only does it cover the entire screen so you don’t lose any real estate, it doesn’t halo and the parts of the bezel it covers are actually color the same as the phone. The screen looks great with this protector on, with one caveat. There is no drop in clarity so the screen remains beautiful but it does pick up fingerprints pretty easily. Moshi advertises an oleophobic surface coating that protects against fingerprints and the oils associated with those, but I can’t say there’s any improvement here over not having a screen protector on. Instead, it may actually be worse.

One thing that the iVisor does wonderfully is how smooth the protector is. You lose absolutely no ability to drag your finger across the screen like you do with jelly screen protectors and some tempered glass screen protectors. The glass feels wonderful when you’re moving your fingers on top of it.

Coverage and Protection

Moshi iVisor Note 4

Moshi advertises that the glass is “practically bullet proof.” While that may up for debate, it is extremely tough. My phone has survived a few face down falls with no issues so far. The fact that it covers the entire screen should help cut down on scratches and breaks. There are cuts for the top speaker and for the home button, which are pretty precise, but the back and multi-tasking window are covered by the screen protector. They’ve been left clear instead of the black design on the rest of the bezel so function isn’t impaired and they’re protected from impact and scratches. You generally won’t notice the screen protector is there because it blends in so well with the original face of the phone which is exactly what you want from a screen protector, protection and not being annoyed by it!

Moshi iVisor Screen Protector Conclusion

Moshi iVisor Note 4

There’s a lot to love about the Moshi iVisor Screen protector. It’s easily the best screen protector I’ve ever used. It does pick up some fingerprints but that’s pretty easily taken care of with a quick wipe on the shirt or throwing it it in your pocket pants. The install is incredibly easy. It took about 10 seconds to put on and I had zero issues or air bubbles. This super thin glass is an “ion glass” which Moshi says is stronger than tempered glass and while I’m not going to put my phone at risk to test that I feel completely comfortable rocking this on my phone. I don’t even think the screen protector will be picking up any scratches let alone the phone.

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Product Page: Moshi iVisor Screen Protector for the Note 4

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