The iVisor Glass from Moshi solves a big problem on the iPhone 6. How do I protect my screen without making it look awful? Up until now our choices have been slim. Crappy plastic screen protectors that don’t provide much protection at all and look awful or tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass screen protectors do provide decent protection but don’t cover the entire screen. Hardly ideal. Moshi stepped up with their iVisor glass screen protector and solved all our issues.

Look And Feel

iPhone 6 iVisor

In my daily life I direct the news for a television station. In my job, the only time people ever notice my presence is when I make a mistake. You should only notice screen protectors when there’s a mistake. The iVisor by Moshi is hardly noticeable. In fact the screen protector is cut so perfectly that I have the black version on my white/gold iPhone and you can hardly tell it’s white without really looking hard at it. The screen protector covers the entire screen, rounded edges and all with small cut outs for the speaker, proximity sensor and home button.

Another huge issue with screen protectors how they affect your fingers when touching the phone. iOS 8 introduced support for third party keyboards which means swipe typing is on the rise. Combine that with all the apps and games that require you to move on the screen without raising a finger and you may see an issue if you’re using a plastic screen protector or a cheaper tempered glass screen protector. The iVisor feels as good or better than glass on the phone. I actually had a defective unit that Moshi replaced quickly and when I took it off I noticed no difference in how the protector felt and how the screen felt. A huge plus.

A clean iVisor screen protector looks 100% clear. You’re not going to be see any loss in clarity with the screen protector on because of it’s quality or cut. Screen protectors that don’t cover the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus tend to sit on only the part of the screen you touch and create a halo effect which covers part of the screen. Unfortunately though, the iVisor does pick up more fingerprints than not having a screen protector on it. A quick wipe and you’re good to go but it can get a little annoying, especially in sunlight.


iPhone 6 iVisor

I’ve mentioned it several times so far but the iVisor protects the entire screen and that is huge for the protection of the phone. Down the sides of the screen protector, it keeps the same color as the top and bottom (white and black available) and wrap around the rounded edges of the latest iPhones. Part of the issue with other protectors is that they can’t protect the areas that the iVisor expertly does.

If you’re like me and you don’t ever leave your phone without a case, there’s an added advantage of the iVisor. It’s just thick enough to come flush a small lip on a case while still protecting the screen from face down falls. I’m currently using the Caseology TPU case I reviewed a while ago and the screen protector is maybe a millimeter smaller. I love this feeling because it’s a lot like the feeling you get without any protection at all.

Moshi iVisor Conclusion

The iVisor is definitely a premium product. It’s not without it’s flaws though. I feel like the fingerprint issue is going to bug some people. I personally don’t mind wiping off my phone from time to time because I’m going to have to do without a screen protector anyway. Your frequency of cleaning the screen may increase but not by much. Due to the extra height on top of your phone you may find some dirt, dust or lint stuck to the side of the screen protector but this is a minor problem that I’ve run into very infrequently.

Those few things aside, I think Moshi has made the best screen protector on the market. I’d love to be proved wrong by a better product but I can’t find anything out there that looks like it comes close. I love the protection it provides. Moshi says it’s ion-glass which is stronger than tempered glass and while I have no idea to what degree of strength we’re talking about, stronger is better.

The full coverage of the iVisor can’t be mentioned it enough. Using a screen protector that doesn’t cover the entire screen is no longer an option after using this. Not only just for the protection aspect but for the look and feel. I didn’t have much of an issue with the Phantom Glass screen protector I reviewed giving me a halo but others definitely do give that halo. The feeling is just so much better here with the rounded edges.

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